What is the Best Night Light for Nursery from Amazon?

Before our baby is born, we start preparing. We equip the room with all the necessary elements. We have to remember that a newborn baby does not need a play area yet, but a nursing area is important. That’s where, often in the middle of the night, they’ll have their diapers changed. The lighting in the nursery must be strong to help sleepy parents, but at the same time not too intense to wake up the little one.

What kind of lamp to buy for nursery? A bedside lamp is the best pick. The small body of babies is more exposed to dangerous injuries, so the lamp should be safe. The small size of the lamp makes it fit on a bedside table and can be used as additional lighting during playtime.

What is the best night light for nursery? 

The child’s room has its own rules. Of course, it is the parents who have to choose the right furniture, toys, and lighting for their children’s rooms.

The child’s room must be friendly and comfortable but above all, functional and safe. 

Therefore, when arranging it, you should choose lamps that will provide our small ones with a sense of safety, allow them to have fun or learn freely, and will be nice and functional.

What kind of lighting for nursery? 

It is worth considering placing two types of lamps in the room: a hanging light or a ceiling lamp and a standing bedside lamp. 

Why? The ceiling lamp will be an ideal solution for the evening when we put the baby to bed.

It gives a lot of light, enough to change and put the toddler to bed.

There’s one thing you have to pay attention to. The lamp hanging from the child’s room should have a bulb cover. 

This disperses light, which is very important for sensitive baby eyes. 

A small lamp standing in the child’s room is a solution that can be used during the night-time, changing the child. 

It does not have to be very large, and it must give a gentle light, bright enough to perform parental responsibilities without any problems. 

Also, you can think of gentle lighting that will be active all night long, to make your child feel safe. 

Children’s bedside lamps of various shapes, often powered by batteries, come to help. 

Lighting is particularly important in a child’s room because it is used not only by their parent but also by a small child who is more sensitive to light. 

A lamp for a baby’s room should not be a random choice. The type of light and its location has a significant impact on the functionality and comfort of a child.

What light to use in nursery and which lamps are worth buying? 

It all depends on how old the child is. We will plan utterly different lighting in the infant’s room than in the student’s room. 

The infant room shall have general overhead lighting and subtle sidelights.

The general ceiling mounted lamp should serve as general lighting of the room. 

It should hang in a central place on the ceiling to cover the entire room equally. 

We only depart from this rule if the center of the ceiling is above the crib. Then the ceiling lamp should be moved a little further away so that the toddler lying in the cot is not blinded by it. 

Bedside lamp in the nursery 

Additional light in the infant’s room is a night light that gives a subtle effect. 

It is usually said to be the lighting for a parent who sometimes has to get up at night to feed or change their child. 

Such a lamp should make this task easier. It must give a subtle, gentle, dimmed light at which the child will be able to fall asleep, and when awakened at night, it will not wake up when the lamp gets switched on.

Usually, the lamp is located near the crib or the changing area. Such light can be either standing or hanging on the wall. 

If you choose a small table lamp, it should be placed in a safe place away from the changing table so that there is no risk of dropping or pulling the cable from the lamp by a toddler. 

What should a bedside lamp be like in the nursery? 

It should be a decorative element, matching the style of the room. 

It must represent two essential features that should be taken into account when looking at decorative luminaires for children’s rooms:

  • is funny when it’s off,
  • emits enough light to make it practical.

What color of light for the nursery? 

There’s no way around this: the right light in your child’s room can change the whole decoration. 

Adults also sometimes forget that in the evenings and at night the lighting makes the little one feel less lonely in the room when their parents are busy

A few toys, a cozy blanket, and a beautiful night light are often the best way to calm the baby down and help him sleep.

You want to do it for your little one or two. After all, a child is always a child, whether it’s a few months old or going to school.

With so many night lights on the market, it may be challenging to narrow them down to the only choice you can make. 

So read on to learn all about the lights for your child’s room, different types, helpful tips, and tricks to help you find the best light for children.

Different types of lamps to use in the nursery 

There are plenty of lamps to choose from. Some of the safest and most popular choices are those directly plugged into electrical sockets. 

For many mothers, it is considered to be the most traditional lighting – necessary in a toddler’s room at night. 

Many such lamps are a favorite choice among parents because they are:

  • small
  • portable
  • easily blend in with the decor of the children’s room

However, many of these lights are also designed in bold, intense colors and as a motif, so that your child’s favorite character or animal can be illuminated and accompany the baby at night. 

Some even display character images on the ceiling or wall! 

The only downside of these lights is that their brightness can usually not be adjusted, and they require quite frequent replacement of the bulb if we use them frequently.

Lamps – animals

Probably the sweetest and most fashionable of all lamps are those in the shape of animals and other charming characters. 

This solution is excellent for children who do not want to go to sleep alone and who may be afraid of the dark. 

Ideal examples of such charming lighting:

Buzz Lightyear (click to check current price on Amazon)

Your child will be delighted to see his or her favorite character or pet shining.

So it’s worth putting such a lamp in a central place in your child’s room so that they can have a constant view of it.

Sometimes even how it changes color, glows, and also displays images on the walls or ceiling – because you can get such offers on the market too.

 You can find such lamps for the children’s room in many:

  • shapes
  • size
  • colors
  • forms

Some also have a timer function, so you can set when they turn on and when they turn off. 

The benefits of choosing the right lighting for your child’s room, i.e. the lamps we recommend have the following advantages:

  • They provide a sense of security. 
  • They help locate the toy that fell out of the baby’s bed at night. 
  • They help parents move around the room without waking the child. 
  • They make the children’s bedroom more warm, cozy and pleasant in the evening and at night. 
  • They calm the baby down in the evening.
  • For older children, they are useful for homework or play. 

Issues to consider when buying a night lamp

It’s not new that the most accessible night light purchases are those made on the internet. 

You can primarily use the internet to compare prices, read more about lamp features, and read feedback from other parents who have used the lamps. 

It can also be used for such incredible occasions as

Disney Elsa night light (click to check current price on Amazon)

Mermaid Night Light (click to check current price on Amazon)

You may also want to consider the following issues regarding bedside lamps:

  • Is that a portable lamp? Can you take it with you on holiday and to other places where you will need additional lighting in your toddler’s environment? 
  • Can you connect it if the batteries run out? Or, if you use batteries, how often do you have to change them? The plugin version may be a better alternative for you. 
  • Can your child choose a color or shape? Children love different options and taste change a bit with time – it’s worth considering. 
  • Safety – if you leave the night light on, does it have a particular function that automatically turns it off? 
  • Size – how much light do you need in your child’s room? If it is a huge space, you may consider getting two extra lamps or a very large projector in combination with a pet shaped led light. 

Watch this video about smart home tech in the baby’s room.

Important functions to look for

  • Brightness setting

Some children prefer shallow light, while others prefer powerful light. 

Sometimes it also depends on the day and the mood of your child. 

Having something regulated gives you a lot of flexibility. 

  • Automatic shutdown function. 

To save batteries and ensure overall safety, choose a bedside lamp that allows you to set it up for a specific time.

  • Cover

It’s helpful if you travel a lot. The case will allow you to secure your investment. 

This is particularly useful if you are using a bedside lamp with a bulb that may break. 

  • Two for one. 

Some lamps are sold in two pieces. If your child has a large room, decide to save money by getting extra light for a better price, so that your child’s room has enough light and you don’t have to make two separate purchases at the same time.

Look for lamps for your baby’s room that have many functions, so they can not only light up the room but can also calm the baby down or give him a concentration boost while doing homework – which of course depends on how old the baby is. 

When using the general lighting function, never forget to pay attention to its aesthetics. 

An interesting lighting option is also a projector that displays the stars on any surface of the room. The little ones love it! 

Star projector (click to check current price on Amazon)

Other interesting lighting suggestions for your child’s room:

  • hanging lamp with a funny lampshade
  • bedside table lamp with a fairy tale theme

Lamp in the older child’s room

In the older child’s room, in addition to ceiling lighting, sidelights will also be useful, but they are designed to support play or study. 

If your child has his or her own desk, a desk light should be on it. 

We put it on the left if the child is right-handed, and on the right, if our child is writing with the left hand. 

All this so that the child writing with his hand does not cover the light source. 

Apart from the lamps on the desk in the children’s room, it would be worthwhile to have decorative lights. 

This is lighting that has a more decorative than practical function. 

What color light for nursery? 

The color of light and its intensity is of great importance for the comfort of life, well-being, and sometimes also health. 

Cold light has an activating and stimulating effect. 

Warm light has a calming and soothing effect. 

A neutral and warm color works best in a children’s room. The child does not need to be stimulated additionally, because it is dynamic enough anyway. 

Warm light will give the effect of the coziness of the room and calm the child down. It is also great for putting the baby to sleep.

Safe lamp for nursery

When installing lighting in your child’s room, you should first of all remember about safety. 

So it is best to place the lamps at a height that is inaccessible to a small child. 

Cables and switches should be appropriately secured so that the toddler cannot break them or play with them. 

Lying cables must not be left on the floor, and the sockets to which the lamps are connected must not be open to the public. 

It is best to cover them with furniture or special plugs. 

It is not allowed to hang the lights on the baby’s crib, e.g. led lights.

When buying a lamp, you should check whether it has all the approvals and safety certificates. 

Low-cost lamps make it easier to short-circuit or burn out a bulb, and this can be a source of great danger to your child. 

Battery-powered children’s lamps can also be dangerous, so if we decide to use them, we need to protect the batteries adequately. 

The battery in a child’s hands is a great danger. 

Baby room night lamps


  • The set of LED lights, fulfill a decorative function because the lighting they emit is very subtle. 
  • They work well in the evening or at night when we don’t want to wake up the baby, and we need to light up the room. 
  • LED lights can be placed on the shelf, hung from the closet, decorate the window. 
  • In older children’s rooms, you can decorate the bed with it. 
  • The variety of colors makes it possible to match them to any interior.

LED strip lights (click to check current price on Amazon)

This is a very subtle kind of lighting. It also serves as a decoration element of a children’s room. It offers a fantastic light effect.

Bare chandeliers

  • The bare bulbs give a lot of light and look great. 
  • This kind of light will work, for example, in a teenager’s room.
  • Chandeliers without lampshades are very fashionable lately. 

Metal Large Dimmable Sputnik Chandelier (click to check current price on Amazon)

Attention! Installing a chandelier without a lampshade is associated with the risk of easier damage to the light if, for example, the child will play ball in the room. 

The lampshade is usually the protection of the chandelier, and here it is deprived of that. 

Wall lamp

  • The lighting can be compared to three-dimensional images on the wall.
  • A trendy motif of this kind of lamps is clouds and stars, the sun or the moon. 

Decorative moon, clouds and star night lights (click to check current price on Amazon)

  • Such a lamp gives a very subtle light. 
  • It doesn’t take up much space. 
  • It is easy to install. 
  • It will work well around the crib as a bedside lamp. 

Projector lamp

  • In babies’; rooms, the projectors are great because they are a very subtle source of light and very safe. 
  • When switched on, the lamp displays various shapes on the ceiling, e. g. stars, it can also change the color of light. 

Star Night Light Projector (click to check current price on Amazon)

The task of this type of gadget is to calm the child down and relieve his fear of falling asleep. 

Suitable lamps of this type have an adjustable switch that makes the lamp switch itself off after a while and activates when your child starts crying. 

Chandelier like a toy

Moon star chandelier (click to check current price on Amazon)

  • They are very popular with children. 
  • They give a robust general light. 
  • They look great and fit perfectly into the room decor. 
  • The choice of such chandeliers is enormous. 
  • We can mount a plane, a balloon, or even a carousel under the ceiling. 

Desk light

It will prove to be a lightening of a desk or a table, on which the toddler performs his first painting work. 

The choice of lights for a child’s desk is huge. 

For your toddler, you can choose a lamp in the shape of his favorite pet or flower.

Light with air humidifier

A gentle light will wrap your toddler up to sleep. 

The built-in air humidifier will help to maintain the right humidity in the room. 

Properly humidified air prevents diseases of the upper respiratory tract and their recurrence and alleviates symptoms of allergy in spring.

Sound-activated night light

A lamp activated by the sound of a toddler crying is a great solution. 

The lamp lights up when the baby wakes up and starts crying and turns off when the baby stops whining and goes to sleep again. 

The lights that are activated by sound usually have a timer that can be set independently. 

The lighting of an older child’s room

Children grow up quickly, and their tastes and needs change. 

As they develop, we must also match the room to their person. 

The lighting to the girl’s room will differ from the light to the boy’s room. 

Of course, we’re talking about the colors. 

It is important to remember that girls will love pastels and roses, and boys will prefer blue, subdued lamps. 

The child’s room should have a good hanging or ceiling lamp as well as a desk lamp. 

When you’re at your desk, it’s a good idea to place the desk lamp close to the window, also remembering to place it on the right side, depending on whether your child is right or left-handed. 

What should be the guiding principle when choosing a hanging lamp for the nursery? 

In addition to providing optimal light, it should be made of non-heating plastic, cotton (naturally colored), wood, ecological paints, oils. 

You’re making sure that your child is safe. 

If your kid starts reading books, you should put a bedside lamp on the table next to your bed.

More and more often, modern rooms are dominated by high floor lamps on tripods with colorful lampshades. 

The floor lamps for the children’s room look amazingly designed and often arouse jealousy even among older guests. 

A child’s room is a unique asylum, which changes with age. 

Fortunately, with a modern design, you no longer have to choose between functional or pretty things. 

Today’s extremely fashionable and popular night lights are ideal for children’s rooms and more, combining what is elegant and aesthetic with what works in different interiors, what is universal and functional.

If you want to go creative, watch this video about the nursery room renovation project.

Boy’s room hanging lamp

What lighting for the children’s room at the desk? 

The child usually learns and does his or her homework at the desk. 

Therefore, the choice of a desk lamp is crucial. 

The bulb for the desk lamp should have the appropriate power. 

It must not glow too lightly or shine too much in the eyes of the child.

For lighting the desk, we recommend white light, which increases concentration and focus. 

The shape of the table lamp is also important. 

You can choose the lighting for your child’s room with an adjustable light direction. 

Thanks to this solution, the child will be able to adjust the lamp to his or her own needs. 

What lighting for the nursery – what about the bed? 

A night lamp in a child’s room will not only protect them from the terrible monsters lurking in the dark. 

The night lights placed on the cupboard next to the bed are a proven way to illuminate the children’s room in the evening and to create a stylish design. 

But one table lamp may not be enough. Floor lamps are also worth adding to the arrangement.

The lamp hanging right on the wall by the bed will provide comfort in use. 

For more functionality, choose one with the possibility to change the position of the lampshade. 

This will allow your child to adjust the light to his or her needs. 

A standing lamp is also a functional alternative to a bedside lamp. 

It is located higher than the floor lamp, thus illuminating a larger area.

What color light for nursery?

The lamps at the bedside should be powered by light bulbs of slightly less power and warm light. 

It will allow the child to calm down and sleep. 

If a child is afraid to sleep in the dark, a gentle light can accompany him all night. 

A children’s room with a hanging lamp

Lighting for children – time to play

There are no limits to playing – it is hard to predict where the child will spend the most time in the room. 

Therefore, the best lighting for children to play in the children’s room is a lamp hanging in the central part of the room. 

There are two types of lighting that will work best in this role – pendant lamps and ceiling lamps. 

It is worth considering lighting with several power sources. 

With one lamp, you can light up the most demanding parts of your child’s room. 

To highlight the joyful nature of the room, see children’s ceiling lamps.

Colorful lampshades with fairy tale characters will suit every little one’s taste. 

The advantage of hanging lamps is the possibility of height adjustment. 

It’s an essential function in the children’s room. 

It allows you to adjust the height of the lamp to the size of the room, height, and needs of the child. 

Lots of lampshades with children’s patterns to choose from makes every child find his or her favorite motif. 

Which night lamps are safe for nursery? 

Plan the lighting in the children’s room so that the child is completely safe. How do you do that?

Use LED lighting – LED bulbs have a lower heating temperature, which reduces the risk of burning.

Artificial light close to natural – to protect your toddler’s eyesight, the lighting should be close to natural daylight. 

Take care of the color – as we mentioned earlier, the cold color of light stimulates action, and the warm promotes rest. 

Therefore, plan the light in the children’s room to suit the activities it will perform. 

How many kelvins will we need for the baby’s room? 

How many kelvins will we need for the baby’s room? Probably the neutral and warm color of 2000-4000 kelvin is best.

Protect sockets – make sure that your child has no access to unprotected electrical sockets. 

What lighting for the boy’s room? 

The most common activities chosen by little boys are playing with cars, blocks – these are activities usually performed on a bed or carpet.

Therefore, when choosing the lighting for the boy’s room, we should pay attention to the proper illumination of the central play area. 

What lighting for the girl’s room? 

Little ladies, apart from playing with dolls, are equally eager to choose coloring books and other manual work. 

Therefore, the lighting for a girl’s room should focus not only on the overall brightness but also on the spotlighting of the desk or table.

For this purpose, it is best to choose an additional, child-safe standing lamp. 

How many lumens for the baby’s room, or how to choose the right light bulbs?

When planning the lighting of a child’s room, we must not only pay attention to the child’s safety but also choose its power accordingly.

There is no clear answer to the question of how many lumens or how many kelvins to a child’s room because it depends on several factors, e.g — the size of the room, the type of lamps etc. 

Some suggest that 3,500 lumens are needed for a child’s room (10m2 in size), in the form of about four traditional or LED bulbs.

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