Tree Lighting Ideas to Use In Your Garden + Tips

The last time I decorated my garden, it made me think. The garden is a great place to relax, but the trees and bushes at night look boring and ugly. So I decided to change it.

So what’s the best idea for lighting up trees? The best idea for lighting trees is to use white or golden Christmas tree lamps. They are the cheapest and most effective. They are also lightweight and long so you can hang them anywhere.

What is Worth Highlighting in The Garden?

It is very important to illuminate the doors and stairs mainly for reasons of safety and aesthetics.

The best way to do this is to use motion detector lights that turn on when you are close by.

Outdoor lamps are a spectacular and practical solution, especially in the garden.

Of course, the best light source today is LED lighting, and it is worth using it.

Wall Lamps and Solar Lamps

It is also possible to expose the walls of the building located near the garden.

Solar wall lamp will be great in this role, and at the same time will delight with its design.

On the other hand, a few solar lamps are enough to illuminate the place we are staying in.

Solar lamps are available in different colors. Placed in a sunny place, they will be the best to charge, and then they can shine at night for up to 8 hours.

This will save us money on our electricity bills at the same time.

Check out Interesting Ideas for Arranging Garden Lighting with Solar Lamps.

Driveway Lighting

Lighting poles are a good solution for illuminating a garden path leading to the house or driveway.

Then, after dark, it is much easier to move around the garden.

Illumination of Trees and Shrubs

Select the most beautiful trees and shrubs in your garden and illuminate them with the right light from below. This way we will get a very nice effect.

It is also worth remembering that our solutions should be as comfortable as possible and with the style of the whole garden.

For lighting trees, you can use floodlights, reflectors, luminaires mounted in the ground, but with the higher power, e.g. metal halide lamps 35 W or 70 W. LEDs or fluorescent lamps may also be an alternative.

Much less power is required for shrubs and flowers. You can use floodlights LED 10 W with an angle of light distribution of 120 degrees.

To accent plant details, headlamps with halogen bulbs up to 50 W or LEDs of about 4-6 W are enough. A similar solution is to use a spotlight with a 50 W halogen bulb GU10.

Illumination with Green Light

Small trees up to 10 m high can be effectively illuminated with LEDs up to 30 W or metal halide lamps 35-70 W. Excellent decorative effects give a green light.

The metal halide lamp lights up from a distance of 5 m. The wide, asymmetrical distribution ensures that the entire tree is illuminated by light.

The light intensity at the level of the trunk and crown varies between 20-30 lx. Green color creates a unique, almost magical atmosphere.

White Light to Illuminate the Trees

In addition to green light, white light provides an interesting effect.

A good example is the illumination with a 20 W LED illuminator, with warm white light 3000 K and wide 120-degree distribution.

The luminaire is located at ground level 1.7 m from the trunk — illumination intensity 100-150 lx.

Also suitable for decorative illumination of trees are narrow-distance spotlights allowing for installation at a greater distance from the object.

The narrow-angle of light distribution at a suboptimal distance creates a more theatrical effect – uneven crown illumination (lighting intensity in the central part of the beam at 150 lx).

When dedicating to narrow-band headlights, pay attention to the angle of light distribution and the planned distance from the illuminated tree.

Another example of lighting is the use of wide stream ground luminaire adapted to the source of E27 led. Lighting effect similar to floodlights. A wide stream of light surrounds the crown. The luminaire is located 1 meter from the trunk.

Watch This Video for Tree Lighting Tips

Garden Lighting – Types, Solutions, Examples, Prices, Ideas

Well-chosen garden lighting can make that after dark, our home space will not only be entirely illuminated but also a bit of magic will creep in.

For example, Ikea provides a lot of inspiration when it comes to modern garden lighting.

LED and solar lighting with motion sensor and remote control, ball lamps, garden lamps, and solar lamps, or maybe a garden garland bulb?

The most important thing is to answer the question: what do I want and what do I need in my garden?

Here are a few examples of solutions and ideas.

Garden Lighting – High And Low Standing Lamps

One of the groups of devices illuminating our garden is high and low standing lamps.

A tall lamp can be up to several meters high- it is used mainly in huge gardens, alleys, and parks.

A smaller standing lamp is about one meter high or less on average, and its main purpose is to be placed near paths in the garden or entrances to the property.

This type of product gives a very wide range of arrangement possibilities because there are many designs of standing lamps.

They can take the form of lanterns, transparent or milk balls or modern posts — everything not only in varied designs but also in colors.

Garden Lighting – Types Due to the Type of Power Supply

Compact Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Lamps

Bulbs are a traditional source of garden lighting and at the same time, the cheapest way to introduce light into our garden space at night.

We usually have a choice of matt, transparent, and opalescent bulbs.

Due to the fact that they can have different colors, they give the possibility to create a unique light composition in the garden, perfectly harmonizing with the floral arrangement of the garden.

Another type worth considering is fluorescent lamps. They use up to five times less electricity than conventional light bulbs.

They are more expensive, but their lifespan is even several years longer, so the investment pays off more than it should.

The disadvantage of this type of garden lighting is its elongated shape. For this reason, they require a skillful placement.

Halogens and LEDs

Halogens, like fluorescent lamps, are more expensive than traditional light bulbs, but their light is much more intense and vivid.

This has its advantages and disadvantages because if we want to create a subtle and atmospheric atmosphere in the garden, it is better to reach for a dimmed light source but to illuminate used paths and driveways will be as good as he found.

LEDs are currently one of the latest solutions in the field of lighting. Economical, resistant to high and low temperatures and various weather conditions. They are usually supplied with 12 V voltage.

Garden Lighting – Examples of Solutions and Ideas.

Garden Lighting – What Should You Know?

It is good if we design the garden lighting before the garden is developed. Take brochures from shops like Ikea and review their garden lighting designs.

Why is such a topic as outdoor lighting so important in the design phase of a garden?

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that some outdoor lighting requires a network of cables just below the surface of the ground, and this, in turn, involves digging through the garden – this is the electrical installation that is connected to the home installation.

You can choose between 12 V, 24 V or even 230 V. It is also important that we decide whether we want to be LED, solar, or traditional lighting – this involves other solutions adapted to specific forms.

Also, you should decide whether your garden lighting will be with a motion detector or on the remote control. It is good to plan the lighting effects at the stage of garden design.

Also, garden lighting is primarily to increase our comfort and safety after dark, but also to make the space around the house will be interesting and imaginatively illuminated.

Therefore, the question must be asked: what effect do we want to achieve?

Garden lighting projects are adjusted to our answer.

Garden Lighting Projects: Garden Wall Lamp and Other Exemplary Solutions

LED and solar illumination – currently enjoying great popularity. More and more often and willingly, many people use modern garden lighting such as LED lamps, garden lamps, or solar lamps.

Around our properties, you can also see a nascent trend in outdoor lightings such as balls, garden wall lamp, or convenient lighting with motion sensor or remote control.

There are a lot of solutions. Which one will be the most suitable for us and our garden?

The garden lighting market is getting bigger and bigger every year.

If you like modern garden lighting at the moment, there are so many different proposals that undecided people may have a problem to choose.

Outdoor lighting is a really broad topic. If you want to bring some light and play with the possibilities of illuminating your terrace or veranda, you should consider the theme of the garden wall lamp.

The garden wall lamp gives cool effects, and at the same time in the evening on the terrace, we can feel fully comfortable.

Posts or garden lamps, including LED lamps or solar lamps, are an idea for those who want to diversify the appearance of garden pavements and paths.

Garden Lighting Projects: Ideas

In addition to their practical benefits – as soon as darkness falls, we can safely move around the garden – they add a lot of charm and mystery to the home space.

You can choose between LED and solar illumination.

An exciting solution is the luminous elements that we put on the ground. They are ideal for creating night paths, but you can also consider LEDs or solar lamps.

A popular idea is the so-called skylights – balls, rectangles, cones, or other sophisticated shapes and sizes.

But that’s not all. Adjustable reflectors or solar poles will give little light but will introduce an element of mystery and charm.

In addition, it is an excellent idea for all those who want to light up plants in the garden – especially to expose flowerbeds or solitaries.

Garden lighting projects, which today are offered to us by the most popular sellers on the market, also include lanterns.

This is something that will add an incredible charm to your home space, will bring an incredible atmosphere to your garden.

When placed thoughtfully, they can transform a garden into a unique place.

This type of garden lighting is best suited for strategic locations — ideal for gazebos, swings, benches, paths, and shrubs.

Designed according to the patterns of traditional lanterns or garden bulbs, the lamps look great hanging on trees, hanging by the path or over a gazebo.

You can choose between traditional, LED, or solar solutions. The effect is breathtaking.

As mentioned above, there is also a kind of illumination of the lights. This is something particularly noteworthy for the owners of large gardens.

Such spotlights are an excellent source of light that will beautifully illuminate large trees.

However, if there is water in the property, e. g. a pond, it is worth considering floating lamps. They move on the surface of the water, illuminating the surface – impressive and captivating lighting that gives both light and charm and brings an element of magic to your garden.

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