Tree Lighting for Wedding and Other Great Wedding Ideas

When my sister organized her wedding, she was wondering how to light up her trees. So, I did some research to help her.

What’s the best tree lighting for a wedding? If you want to use tree lighting for your wedding, then Christmas tree lights are the best idea. It is one of the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to decorate trees. Their delicate light gives a cozy effect and looks fantastic in the pictures.

Wedding outside in a beautiful, fairy tale garden is a dream come true for many brides.

Parties in wedding tents, set up in charming greenery, are becoming more and more popular.

Maybe it’s worth considering a party in a cozy, romantic setting? A garden wedding gives you a lot of possibilities to arrange and decorate your wedding.

Lighting Builds Scenery In The Open Air

Exposing trees and bushes with light will create a unique atmosphere. It is also worth highlighting the facade of the building where the party takes place.

If you are interested in such a form of decoration, entrust it to a specialized lighting or decorating company. Or ask your team or your Dj. They often have stage lighting that can be used to illuminate the garden and architecture.

You can also easily turn the open air into a fairytale land. You can achieve miracles using Christmas tree lights, candles (you can use those with batteries) and lanterns.

How to Wrap Your Tree with LED Solar Christmas Lights

Light Decoration – From Jars To Light Bulbs And Letters

Don’t think that it’s just about colorful spotlights and lighting, which are available with professional companies. We want more light decoration than real room lighting.

Usually, we do not realize how important the role the lighting plays at the wedding. As a wedding guest, we do not even notice how often hotel staff or DJs change their color or intensity, thus introducing the right mood in a specific moment.

It is only when we, as a bride and groom, organize our own wedding party and meet a dilemma: When to light up the room with light, and when to darken it with light. It comes to our attention that the light decoration even exists.

All The Charm In The Color Of Light

The game of lights can be used in many ways, and we can safely say that the only thing that limits us is our imagination.

Thanks to appropriately selected colors, their saturation, and spacing of light, we achieve a beautiful effect, and empty walls and spaces take on a romantic glow and become charmingly decorative.

The colors of the lights are good to match both the leading colors of the wedding and its important moments, such as the first dance, cutting the cake or caps.

By illuminating walls, windows, ceilings, and parquet floors, we can create a unique and charming atmosphere that will add clarity to our wedding and take us to a completely different world.

The Night’s Power

Setting the light and choosing the colors is half of the success; the other half in the form and frame.

Instead of special lighting equipment, light sources can be traditional lanterns, candles, and ordinary light bulbs, which, when densely spaced, become incredibly romantic and create a fairytale atmosphere.

Stretchy under the ceiling, placed in jars, vases, bottles. Seemingly trivial but customized solutions attract attention and are memorable.

Here you will need a bit of imagination and inspiration because creating such a unique atmosphere requires a bit of creativity.

Wedding barns, so fashionable nowadays, turn into romantic ballrooms at night, thanks to scattered light points.

Just a few simple ideas are enough to achieve a fantastic effect.

Light Decoration – Inspirations

Magic Jars

If your wedding is to have a rustic atmosphere, set some uneven wood trunks (yes, with visible bark and cracks) and jars on them.

Put one tea light candle in each of them. Guests, when they see that the fire is not there, will themselves sustain the fire and ignite the new ones.

Decorative jars from which we drink smoothies also look great.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns in a spherical shape may be another spectacular idea. The more, the better.

They’re not expensive, you can buy them in Ikea, for example. Ideal for a warm outdoor wedding on a summer night under the stars

Bulb Dizziness

And again, the idea of an unusual use of an ordinary element.

Each of us has a light bulb at home. Ladies and gentlemen, the light bulbs now reign in the salons at the wedding as well. A dozen or so bulbs above the wedding tables, placed on the cables, will give the wedding an original character. Ideal for raw brick interiors, which will gain from lighting for coziness.

Color of the cable – the strongest, the most decisive and the most visible. We’re not hiding the wires this time.

Christmas Tree Lamps

Long strings of lamps, which we decorate Christmas trees within winter, will be useful for lighting literally everything. Their delicate light gives a very cozy, diffuse effect, and in the pictures, it looks fantastic.

It is one of the cheapest forms of decorating space with light and one of the most effective. Even the most modest room, barn, open-air, ordinary tree or a single element will gain an extra star.

If you’re wondering what kind of tree lighting to use for a wedding, it’s definitely the best idea.

The Language Of Love

Everyone knows the letters of a language – even a foreign one, but do you know their purpose?

It’s a complete hit of modern weddings. They light up at the tables. LOVE, MR&MRS, but not only. They can be personalized, like your names. This is one of the more expensive proposals because if you do not do it yourself, you have to order from a company that has the experience and will perform them efficiently and well. For what effect!

Wedding Preparations

The visual aspect of the wedding is very important for the bride and groom.

You need to take care of everything: flowers, tables, refreshments, decorations, but often newlyweds forget how much can give them professional decorative lighting of the wedding room and the object where the wedding takes place.

Lighting is one of the things that will emphasize the whole event and give it a general, higher visual level.

Through a full range of colors and styles of light sources, you can compose the right atmosphere for your wedding, which without this visual element would have lost a lot.

From such a beautifully prepared light show the wedding photographer can bring out and keep forever what is most important during the wedding.

What And How To Light Up?

In particular, it was customary to accentuate the most special place, the bride and groom’s table, with light.

It is well known that the bride and groom are the most important people at weddings, so it is worthwhile to light their table from the front or from under the table so that the light can penetrate through the bright cover of the table and disperse nicely around.

You Can’t Forget What’s Behind The Bride And Groom

If it is a wall, it is worth composing something interesting on it, which can also decoratively highlight or use the option that the best lighting companies have in their offer, that is, their pattern displayed on the wall, which is usually the initials of the newlyweds.

Also essential in terms of lighting are the elements generally available for wedding guests, tables with refreshments, and the place where the wedding band or DJ is located.

Globally, the hall is illuminated by setting the lights on the walls and ceiling.

What’s Outside?

If possible, you should also think about lighting the wedding place from the outside.

For wedding guests, it will be the first, very positive impression after seeing such a beautifully lit building.

In addition to illuminating the walls of the building, it is worth to focus on elements such as trees, walls, benches, sculptures, which are ideal for decorative lighting.

Of course, as well as almost necessary is the decorative lighting of weddings in the open air, where the whole event is held in the open air, and such light will also be the one that after sunset will help guests move around the party. Pleasant with useful.

Decorative Lighting And Accessories

Apart from the standard lighting, the ideal addition will be heavy smoke, which is irreplaceable during the first dance, where illuminated by blue light will give the impression of dancing in the clouds.

Edison bulbs, or garlands with decorative bulbs that are perfect for parties like Retro or Vintage.

They have a warm color and will give a unique atmosphere for every party.

Tree Lighting For Wedding

The most popular wedding hours are late afternoons. More and more weddings start with dinner, not midday meal.

Are you afraid that your intricate decorations will not be just visible? The recipe is simple: choose light decorations!

We had a long hesitation about their character: we had an afternoon rather than evening wedding, so we cut them down to Christmas lights in the garden.

The effect after dark was really impressive!

If our wedding started later, I would probably expand this type of decorations.

Their great advantage is that they weigh nothing – and they can usually be implemented even in places where it is difficult to hang or stick something!

What Are The Most Interesting Options Of Light Decoration For A Wedding?

Luminous Inscriptions

I love it! Giant letters like LOVE can be easily rented. They look beautiful – you’ve got the decorations for the mini-session out of your head!

It is definitely worth allocating funds for such a sign – especially if your wedding room has a garden: they blend in beautifully with natural greenery!

Inscriptions On The Wall, The Ceiling, The Floor

It’s a form designed for the interior of a building. The names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are displayed on the floor, the wall (for example, behind the bride and groom) or…the ceiling.

Often this type of service is offered by DJs, you can ask about it!

If your wedding takes place during the day, do not use this option, because it is an additional cost (small compared to the previous option, but still!), and the effect will be visible for a very short time.

However, if the wedding starts in the evening, there is a large dance floor in your wedding room, where you can see the inscription – I encourage you!

Christmas Lights For Wedding

Instead of a Christmas tree, you can put them on a lot of other objects! From the trees in the garden to the gazebo or the wall behind the bride and groom!

There’s plenty of options.

The white lamps look better: the colored ones are more reminiscent of Christmas.

It’s a relatively inexpensive option, well – you can even try to take care of the lighting of this type on your own, making a drop of Christmas tree lamps among family and friends.

Illuminated Walls

This type of lighting requires professionals!

There are companies that specialize in creating an atmosphere using lighting and if you want to decide on advanced changes in room lighting – choose such specialists.

Changing colors, “dancing” colors, building space using colors – there are plenty of options.

Think about what you want and discuss your ideas with lighting experts.

Disco Lights

Most often part of a DJ’s or team’s equipment.

They can create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor! Ask your service provider to briefly discuss the effects and equipment and make sure that the lights they offer are not incompatible with other light decorations you have prepared!

Light Curtains

A popular decoration element – lights behind the bride and groom. I am not a fan of this solution myself, because, in combination with satin, it looks just kitschy.

Yes, there are beautiful light curtains, but most often created by lighting companies, and not from an online store for quite a big, for the quality offered, money.

If you are thinking about this idea – think about it carefully and try to determine the effects as precisely as possible!

We are continually looking for new solutions that will make our parties, especially wedding receptions, unique.

A perfect tool to create a unique atmosphere is light, which, using various kinds of effects allows you to achieve an original atmosphere emphasizing the seriousness of a celebration.

It is often used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of wedding and banquet halls. Light has properties that, thanks to the variety of applications, colors, and shades, allow you to create the desired mood without having to change the arrangement of space.

It creates an atmosphere from subtle, romantic light and shadow, a delicate, sensual combination of light and smoke.

Heavy smoke is perfect for the first dance of the bride and groom to disco visual compositions during the party, adjusted to the played music.

The Light Will Highlight The Beauty Of The Buildings And Surroundings

Light can also be a part of a space arrangement in the architectural sense – it is perfect for a function that emphasizes the value of space – including structural elements and at the same time hiding its shortcomings.

Thanks to our offer, it is also possible to illuminate the elements of small architecture outside the building – trees, facades, or create an occasional mapping.

Light To Create A Party Atmosphere

During weddings and other celebrations, the leading color is often used – the light is used to emphasize the mood of the event – using white and blue, for example, you can create a colorful canvas for sea style weddings.

An interesting proposal is also the arrangement of space using small decorative elements equipped with appropriate lighting.

A commemorative wall in various styles, such as retro, floral, or boho, as well as its effective backlighting, is an eye-catching element of every wedding ceremony. The name logotype drawn with light is also very popular.

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