Lighting for Walk in Closet

You walk outside, and suddenly you notice that you have matched the wrong colors in your outfit. Or maybe, the fabrics that you chose totally don’t match. To avoid such a fashion blunder, you need the right closet lighting.

So what are the best lamps for walk-in closets? Ceiling lamps are the most common and suitable lamps for this space. Spots are the most popular. Besides them, pendant lights, chandeliers, flush lamps, and track lights are also suitable lamps for your walk-in closet. They can add an extra flair to the room.

There are different ways to illuminate a walk-in closet. Of course, the most important thing is that you can see the clothes properly. To estimate the color, the fabric, and other details of your outfit, you need suitable closet lighting. In this post, I will tell you all about the best lighting for your walk in closet!

LED Lights

LED lights are by far the most famous choice for walk in closets. This form of lighting is sustainable and saves you energy. 

Using LED lights also brings the advantage that you can see the colors very well. 

And last but not least, LED lighting can provide a great ambiance in the room, which is also of great importance for a walk in closet.

What Color is Best for Closet Lighting?

Before we have a look into the different design options for the lamps, it is important to think about the color of the light.

Yellow light can give a distorted image of the actual colors. 

Light that is too white can be too bright to properly see yourself in the mirror, and it might even hurt your eyes. 

It is wise to choose a lucid, white light that shows all the colors in their natural way. 

A color temperature of around 3500K will provide you with this kind of lighting.

How Do I Get More Light in My Walk-In Closet?

If possible, it is always a good idea to provide some natural daylight into the room. Even though it can be a real challenge to provide your walk-in closet with a window, it has many advantages. 

Although there are many suitable lighting options for walk-in closets, natural daylight will always give you the best representation of the colors and fabrics. 

Another advantage of a window in your closet is the option to provide the room with fresh air, which makes the room more comfortable, and is also good for your wardrobe.

Lighting Ideas for Your Closet

Smart Options

As noticed earlier in this article, there are many different kinds of suitable lamps for your walk-in closet. Most of them are ceiling lamps, but in this range of lighting there are many different options. 

A big group of people choose smart lights in their walk-in closet. These are the kind of lamps that automatically switch on when you enter the room.  This saves you time and makes the experience complete. Most of these lamps work on motion sensors, but there are also lamps available that work on heat sensors.

Smart lamps also offer a dimming option and, therefore, give you the opportunity to see your outfit in different lights. Besides this, people have found it to be very helpful when the lamps are adjustable. Lamps that have the ability to adjust their position are especially practical in rooms like a walk-in closet, as it gives you the ability to put different aspects of your outfit in the spotlight. 

What Different Types of Ceiling Lamps are Available?

As mentioned before, different kinds of ceiling lamps are suitable for a walk-in closet. Let’s have a look at the different options, starting with the most famous choice.

– Spots

Ceiling Spotlight (click to check the current price on Amazon)

Build-in spotlights in the ceiling have been popular for many years. They are easy to install and they can provide the room with a great design. Many ceiling spotlights have the ability to adjust the position, which makes them extra suitable for rooms like walk-in closets. 

Even though these kind of lamps are usually pretty small, they provide the room with enough light.

Spotlights can also be built into the floor, or the closet itself, to provide the clothes on different shelves with the same amount of light. 

Motion sensor spotlights built into the floor can give you an amazing experience that really adds to the value of the space.

– Pendant lights

Pendant Light with Crystal Prism Glass (click to check the current price on Amazon)

Pendant lights can be very stylish. They can give the room this extra special feature that you are looking for.  These kinds of lamps are available in all different kind of designs, so there will always be one that matches your personal preference of style. 

As you can hang the pendant lights as high or as low as you want, they also provide great lighting on different levels. 

– Chandeliers

Vintage Ceiling Light (click to check the current price on Amazon)

Speaking of adding some special stylish features to the room, a chandelier is a must-have. Over the years, chandeliers have known to be the most stylish lamps that have the ability to add so much more to a room than just lighting. 

Besides, chandeliers are also very practical. They are known for their ability to make a room look bigger. By hanging a chandelier, the ceiling appears to be optically higher. 

Because chandeliers are available in so many different styles, there will always be one that fits in your closet!

– Flush lamps

Flush Ceiling Light with Motion Sensor (click to check the current price on Amazon)

As the opposite to the chandelier, flush lamps are also often being used in walk-in closets. 

When people think about flush lamps, they often picture decent but boring lamps. 

But nothing is less true. Flush lamps don’t have to be boring at all. 

They come in all sizes and shapes and they can be a fun item to light up any room. 

A big advantage of flush lamps is that they don’t take a lot of space. 

They do not require a lot of maintenance and they are easy to install yourself. 

Most flush lamps also have the ability to dim the light in the room, to make it suitable for any moment.

-Track lights

4-Light Track Light (click to check the current price on Amazon)

Track lights are popular for their fun design and a big source of lighting. 

The idea of multiple lights on a track offers many possibilities in a walk-in closet. 

As most of the time the positions of the lamps are also adjustable, they can be pointed at the different categories in the closet that you want to put emphasis on. 

For example that beautiful line of shoes, or that great collection of ties. 

Another available light source, that is similar to track lights, are LED tape lights. 

-LED tape lights

White LED Strip Lights (click to check the current price on Amazon)

These light strips can be put up in any place you want. 

Either in the closet, on the ceiling or on the floor. 

They come in many different colors, and therefore they can also be used as a decorative aspect to give your walk-in closet this little bit of extra flare. 

With the above selection of lamps, you can definitely find the perfect lighting for your walk-in closet.

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