How do You Light a Windowless Room? 12 Amazing Techniques

When I was renovating my apartment, I made two rooms out of one big living room and left a room without a window. So I was wondering how to solve this problem.

How to light up a room without windows? It is necessary to plan the arrangement of artificial lighting carefully. Spotlighting will allow increasing the functionality of the space. In an interior without windows, it is best to use multi-point lighting. This way, there will be no dark corners.

Unfortunately, rooms without windows happen, mainly when we divide a large room into two smaller ones.

There is nothing strange about it, but there is the problem of lack of light, often ventilation, and even with the organization of space in which everyone will not be wondering where did the window go?!

Check out how to arrange a room without windows, so that every guest and resident will be delighted with the final result!

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No window? – Fake it!

The absence of a window can occur in many small rooms – from dressing rooms and bathrooms to bedrooms and children’s rooms.

While in the first two cases, this is not a big problem because we are used to having no windows, but in the bedroom or the child room, it can make an unpleasant feeling.

Each of us is accustomed to the natural light that comes in through the window, setting the rhythm of the day.

In the morning, we wake up by the sun, through the day perfectly illuminates the whole space.

In the evening we observe the beginning of the night time, during which the street lamps can reach us.

What if There’s no Window?

One of the solutions recommended by psychologists is to create a fake window!

How do you understand that? Of course, I don’t mean to paint a window on the wall or to nail a frame that will pretend that there is something there. That’s not the way to go.

Instead, we can create the impression of a window that will make us feel different in such a room.

See These 12 Amazing Techniques

1. Covering a Non-existent Window

We naturally associate curtains with windows.

If it is not in the room, and it is e.g. a bedroom, the great idea is to choose fashionable curtains that match the style of the interior.

They can be placed e.g. on the wall in the form of decoration.

What’s underneath? As a joke, we can hide funny graphics or a beautiful photo.

2. Eye-catching Wallpaper

If there is no window in the room, we can put on wallpaper or photo wallpaper.

By enclosing it in a frame or separating it in a different way, we can create a kind of window on the world.

All kinds of landscapes will look great, which will improve the look of the bedroom.

3. Connection to Another Room

If we have separated an additional dining room or wardrobe, which as a result, has no windows, we may consider cutting a hole in the wall.

In this way, we will connect both rooms in an interesting way, illuminating the one without windows.

Unfortunately, this solution will not work in the case of rooms with completely different functions.

4. Illuminated Glass or Stained Glass Panel

Isn’t wallpaper with a view enough? Glass panels and stained glass windows are fashionable and fit into many modern interiors.

A room without a window can be equipped with just such a decoration, which will be illuminated from the back, changing the reception of the interior.

Work With Light and Color.

No window in the room is not the end of the world yet. However, we need to know what works against the final arrangement – dark colors and bad lighting.

Here’s another part of the list that will help you learn how to furnish a windowless room

5. Lots of Mirrors

A room without a window often has a problem with under-exposure.

As long as it is a bedroom, there is no big problem, and if it is a separate office or teenager’s room, we will have to invest a lot in strong and bright light bulbs.

However, this problem can be solved with a large glass panel or mirror, which can creep up to the entire height of the wall while optically enlarging the space.

The light will be reflected in the glass, additionally illuminating the interior. The mirror can also be decorated in an original way, reminiscent of a window with muntin bars. The effect is beautiful.

6. Translucent Wall

If the purpose of the room and the technical conditions of the building allow it, we can also use a translucent wall.

On top of the finishing materials, there are still glass walls – it is a great idea to separate the wardrobe from the bedroom without giving up the natural light.

If we decorate the house in the Eastern style, we can even use the original paper walls!

7. A Lot of Lighting Details

In a small room without windows, it is worth to deal with the issue of lighting in great detail.

Even if it is only a few meters long, we should use many types of light. Central, side, and numerous decorative lighting in the form of light points providing diffused light or fashionable LEDs.

Illumination of shelves, mirrors, beds – the more, the better, but of course, not too much.

8. Work with Color

A small room without windows is tempting to use bright colors.

Let’s think about how to improve the optical reception of the interior and paint the walls white, except for one – the one that should stand out.

Bright shades optically enlarge the space and lighten it up, so that the lack of a window opening will not be so painfully felt.

Furniture, doors, and decorations are your secret power.

9. Lightweight but inspiring furniture models

The arrangement of a room without windows requires more careful consideration of the furniture.

Large, massive, and dark furniture is a shot.. in the knee.

Focus on light forms, glass, bright colors, and contrasts – the more interesting, the better.

A room without windows must divert attention from the fact that we lack some light.

10. Replace the Door

No light? Use the door! Instead of solid built-in models, opt for lightweight forms that allow light to pass through.

This is a simple procedure that will improve the reception of any room.

11. Bring Vegetation to the Foreground

Plants in interiors are trendy – whether in their natural form or the form of fashionable posters, paintings, and wallpapers.

If you choose species that, for example, originally flow down the walls or hang in pots on the ceiling, your room without a window will be able to claim the best space in the whole house!

Plants will effectively draw attention away from the lack of a window.

12. Do it Yourself.

Nothing draws attention so much as original, handmade decorations.

In a small room without a window, however, it is worth betting on decorations with candles, which will be practical at the same time, and all light forms that do not clutter the space.

The effect of exaggeration is not welcome here.

Blind Kitchen

A blind kitchen or bathroom without windows is a problem for many houses.

Such spaces require special lighting that is as practical as possible and allows you to perform your daily activities with ease.

However, rooms with windows may also be a problem, when the access to light remains limited, i.e., places such as attics or rooms with roof windows.

So How to Arrange Such a Demanding Space?

Appropriate lighting of a room without a window such as a blind kitchen can be provided by using several proven methods.

The most popular solution is, of course, the combination of a kitchen with an illuminated living room.

Space will, therefore, require less artificial lighting.

In the case of a blind kitchen, lighting must be carefully chosen for aspects such as color and light intensity.

It is worth to use several types of lighting – main, wardrobe, and decorative, which will allow you to illuminate the selected area in the interior.

Spotlighting will evenly illuminate the kitchen space, and in combination with other lighting elements, will make a blind kitchen very functional.

However, it should be remembered that in a dark kitchen, the light should have a warm, yellow color, because white visually cools down space.


As you know, without proper lighting, every room is not very functional.

When arranging the space, it is, therefore, necessary to carefully plan the arrangement of artificial lighting.

A big role will be played by the so-called spotlighting, which will allow increasing the functionality of the space significantly.

In an interior without windows and access to daylight, it is best to use multi-point lighting with diffuse light sources.

This way, there will be no dark or dark corners.

Recessed Luminaires

One of the most popular ways to illuminate a room without a window such as a bathroom is halogen lamps or spots, preferably mounted on a suspended ceiling.

Thanks to the even distribution, every corner of the room can be adequately illuminated.

The most important point of the bathroom, in this case, will undoubtedly be the area around the mirror.

It is worth to install a number of LED’s or reflectors above it or buy a mirror with integrated lighting.

Such a mirror will not only look good but will also turn out to be extremely functional when doing make-up or other everyday activities.

LED Strips

This solution is not only practical but also extremely aesthetic, so it will be able to be a decoration of many rooms.

A significant advantage of tapes is also their versatility – they can be installed almost everywhere: under the ceiling, around mirrors, under the edges of the bed, or at floor strips.

Thanks to this, they will not only help to create the right atmosphere but also light any room.


Each room has its specification, so a room without windows can be very problematic.

If it is a bathroom, the simplest solution will be mirrors and appropriate lighting. In the case of a bedroom, smart ways to imitate a window, and in a child’s room, light furniture and decorations.

Also, remember about mechanical ventilation! After all, the lack of a window is not only a problem on the decorating level.

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