Kid’s Room Lighting Ideas. How to Light Up Child’s Room?

As being a parent, there is always a moment when you need to buy lamps for the room of your child. Then we wonder what kind of lighting it should be. And one that will last a long time. However, we should remember that in the nursery room, the child will learn, play, and we will also use the light to clean or put the child to sleep. So, what kind of light should we buy?

When thinking about how to add light to the nursery room, check these few basic points.

  • Divide the lighting into sections.
  • Mix colors of light
  • Don’t forget about night-time lighting.
  • The main lighting should be quite strong.
  • Better use more lamps with less power than a single one that is super strong

How to light up a child’s room so that it is not only functional but also friendly? 

In a children’s room, we need several different light sources depending on the age of our child. This changes with age, so it is very important to plan properly. 

When planning the lighting for the child’s room, we should consider several different aspects. 

First of all, we will divide the room into several different sections, depending on their function. 

The children’s room is not only a place where they sleep or do their homework but also a playground and a place to meet with their friends. 

In the following article, we will try to help you decide how to light up your child’s room so that it fulfills all the above functions.

Lighting Your Child’s Room – What to Choose?

We can choose from all colors, shapes, and patterns. Which one we choose depends on our children’s gender and liking. 

However, when deciding on lighting, it is worth taking into account that it will change with the age of our child. 

We can buy top lighting, which will remain unchanged and bet on interesting solutions in the form of small accents like a bedside lamp. 

Lighting in the Children’s Room 

On the market, we have a huge choice aimed at the youngest.

The top light is the most important part of the lighting in a children’s room. It must be optimally distributed throughout the room. 

Both parallel halogen lamps or chandeliers and ceiling lamps, installed in the central point of the room, are suitable here. 

We can choose neutral lamps in the form of halogens or panels or simple hanging lamps.

The Lighting of the Baby’s Room

In the case of a small child, we can, of course, bet on creating a fairy-tale land for children and replace it when the child grows up. 

Here, let’s focus on original solutions. The lamps with our children’s favorite fairy tale characters or those related to their developing interests will be great.

Here is an example of a Pac-man lamp, perfect for small kids (click to check current price on Amazon)

We can, of course, use a neutral type of lamps everywhere and bring the room to life with accessories. 

Here is an example of a lamp with shelves, perfect for storing toys (click to check current price on Amazon)

But let’s not forget about the functions of light in a child’s room. 

The offers include lamps in the shape of butterflies, ballerinas, cars, planes, balls, etc. 

Manufacturers are outdoing each other in creating new designs, so you can easily find what your child will like. 

Here is an example of a ceiling lamp that looks like an airplane (click to check current price on Amazon)

When making your choice, remember to choose the right lighting power. 

In the case of lamps with an interchangeable light source, we have no problem because we choose them ourselves. 

When choosing lamps with an integrated light source, check its power and color, and consider whether it will be sufficient for its function. 

Here is a full article about night lamps from amazon for the nursery room that I wrote

Ideas for Lighting Your Child’s Room 

You can try to install a motion detector light near your bed, which will light up when your child wakes up and goes out when he or she falls asleep and wandering in the middle of the night to, for example, the toilet, won’t be so scary anymore. 

Nevertheless, it is an important aspect of lighting that we must take into account when planning lighting in the children’s room. 

When creating lighting, make sure that light and interior design are compatible. 

The theme rooms look beautiful, with lighting that matches the decorations. 

The function of light in the child’s room also plays an important role.

The imagination of children is often so tricky that they are afraid to fall asleep in the dark. 

So it’s worth investing in a bedside lamp right next to the bed with a small bulb power. 

When we turn it on, it will not cause a strong flash of light to wake our children from a deep sleep, but only light up the darkness gently. 

We can leave the spotlight all night, and we don’t have to worry that a child who wakes up in the middle of the night will panic.

Another awesome idea is to put LED lights around your kid’s room and here’s how to do it

How to Light Up Your Child’s Study Room 

As time goes by, night-time lighting is no longer so important, but we start to need new light for learning. 

A completely different kind of lighting will work here. 

First of all, let’s place the desk as close to the window as possible to provide your child with as much daylight as possible. 

Of course, the fast falling darkness, especially in the winter season, forces additional artificial light on us. 

The best solution, of course, will be additional desk lights that are adjustable to make reading or writing easier. 

The color temperature of the light bulbs also plays a very important role in this case. 

Lighting in the Child’s Room 

The color of the light is an important aspect, as it affects our mood. 

The color can have both sleeping and stimulating effects. 

In the case of learning, let’s give up the warm color of light; it is conducive to relaxation rather than concentration. 

For learning, let’s choose light bulbs or lamps with a built-in neutral or even cold light source that promote concentration. 

Such color does not cause eyestrain, which is very important for long reading or writing. 

The lighting in the child’s room for learning must be adjusted accordingly, and we must not forget this. 

A few basic points on the lighting of your child’s room 

  • The lighting should be divided into several sections.
  • Mix colors of light, and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • A child’s workstation must be light up well.
  • Don’t forget about night-time lighting.
  • The main lighting should be quite strong.
  • Don’t forget about the theme of the main lighting.
  • Better use more light points with less power than single ones and super strong.

How to Light Up Your Child’s Room With Colors

The lighting in the child’s room does not have the color as an only function. 

Its decorative function is equally important. 

If we want to create an interesting space that will be conducive to fun, relaxation, or meetings with friends, we can try modern solutions. 

Color-changing lighting in your child’s room can be a great idea to make it more attractive. 

In addition to the ability to control any color, different shades of white are also an option. 

The Led ceiling-mounted lights can be warm white, daytime white or cold white. 

This is a very practical solution that will work both for fun and learning. 

Creating such lighting is not particularly complicated and does not require special skills. 

It is also a way to create an original interior, which, thanks to different colors, will not get boring for our child for long. 

To properly light up a child’s room is very important, and we hope that we have helped you to make your choice. 

We have taken note of all the relevant aspects. So let’s remember that both the amount, power, and color of light are important to provide the child with conditions to play, rest, and learn. 

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