How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be?

Many of us love to read a few pages of our favorite book before going to bed. Unfortunately, general light from a chandelier or night light often gives a shadow on a book, making reading uncomfortable. So, I did some research to find the ideal height of bedside lamps.

So how tall should bedside lamps be? When choosing this type of lighting, make sure that the lower edge of the lampshade is no more than 50 cm above the mattress level. This will ensure maximum comfort for your eyes, which will not get tired during the evening reading and other activities.

Bedside lamps have multifunctional features because they provide enough light to read or watch TV while improving the look of the entire space.

But choosing the right one is not necessarily an easy task. In our heads there are various questions concerning these lamps, e.g:

  • How tall should my bedside lamps be?
  • How many will I need?
  • What style of bedside lamp fits my bedroom perfectly?
  • Do they have to match?

Night lights are useful for longer periods of time before bedtime to finish reading or other activities.

That is why it is so important that they combine functionality with high aesthetic values – after all, they are an important element of the arrangement.

Choosing the right bedside lamp is quite a challenge. It is worth doing it with great attention, especially if you want two lamps for a double bed.

They should work in such a way that the inflamed ones do not hurt in the eyes of another person, who, at the same time, may, for example, want to fall asleep.

That’s why various adjustable lights are perfect – especially those placed on a table or bedside table, as well as sconces or floor models.

Hanging lamps as night lamps are also becoming more and more popular.

Let’s make sure that the lights only light up one half of the bed.

Which Night Lamps Are Worth Choosing For The Bedroom?

Few people can imagine a bedroom without sidelights.

Nowadays, the so-called table lamps, placed on night tables, are still in the lead.

When choosing this type of model, make sure that the lower edge of the lampshade is no more than 50 cm above the mattress level.

This will ensure maximum comfort for your eyes, which will not get tired during the evening reading.

If you like harmonious, coherent arrangements, opt for two identical lamp models and place them on both sides of the bed.

Being a fan of eclectic combinations, you can tempt yourself with completely different lamp variations.

A 25 W, neutral light bulb shall be sufficient for a night-light.

How Many Bedside Lamps Will be Enough?

The general rule is that if you sleep alone, then one bedside lamp is perfect, and if two people use the bed, it is better to bet on two.

But if your room is spacious and you have a king-size bed, two lamps are necessary, even if you sleep alone in the room.

But beware: Two bedside lamps should not be the only source of light in the room.

If there is no option to install other devices, you can also opt for a floor lamp.

How to Choose the Ideal Lamp Width?

One of the mistakes most people make when decorating their bedroom is to choose the wrong size for the night lamp.

Usually, the lamp is too small or too big for the bedside table.

The key here is to create a balance between the two: a bed mattress, a bedside table, a lamp.

The wider the mattress, the wider the bedside table should be, and thus the wider the size of the lamp.

Choose a bedside table that is one-third or two-thirds the size of a mattress, and therefore a bedside lamp that is about one-third the size of a bedside table.

What is the Appropriate Bedside Lamp Height?

If you are a keen reader, then the correct height of the night lamp is very important.

You wouldn’t want to have a lamp over your head when reading or the one that’s directly on your face.

So choose a lamp that is at least two or three centimeters taller than a bedside table.

For example, if your bedside table is 27 centimeters high, choose a 30-centimeter tall lamp.

Nightlights: Lamps on Bedside Tables or Floor Lamps

Bedside lighting set on bedside tables are the most popular bedroom lamps.

They are usually equipped with diffusers, from which the light is emitted only by the bottom or top and bottom

It is soft and diffused, and most importantly, does not shine in the eyes of the person on the other side of the bed.

Floor lamps with adjustable arms, placed next to the bed, are also popular in modern style interiors.

The large reach of the arms and the possibility of their proper adjustment are the significant advantages of such lamps.

They are, therefore, a convenient way to illuminate the bed, or rather only that part of the bed where light is needed.

Nightlights: Sconces Above the Bed

Bedside lamps on the table are not the only practical lighting at the bedside.

Also perfect are sconces mounted overnight tables or directly above the head.

Each assembly system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Night lamps overhead must have rotating lampshades, while those overnight tables must have a long arm that allows the lamp to be set so that it performs its function flawlessly.

Wall sconces on long, adjustable shoulders are perfect for the student’s room, who often learns from sitting on the bed or using a laptop.

Wall Lamps Can be Mounted in Different Ways.

In a small bedroom, it is worth to use a headrest for this purpose, preferably with additional storage space, shelves, and even cabinets.

On the other hand, small lamps with clips can be easily attached exactly where they are needed.

Lamps Hanging Above Bedside Tables

When there is room in the bedroom for customization and ceiling lighting, this can be used to create an original decor.

It is Worth Betting on Hanging Lamps or Ceiling Lamps.

Recently, more and more popular lighting at the bedside, especially in modern style bedrooms, are hanging lamps on long wires on both sides of the bed.

This is a very impressive idea for nightlights.

Such lampshades should be designed so that they illuminate the chosen bedside area well, allow reading, and do not shine in the eyes of a person who is sleeping or trying to sleep next to them.

Bedside Lamps and Bedroom Decoration

Lighting in the bedroom, especially when already switched on, creates an atmosphere and is an important element of the interior design.

Bedside lamps should not emit intense light, but soft, with a warmer color like a setting sun.

Thanks to it, we can have a nice time reading, and at the same time, we will not wake up too much.

We recommend delicate, subdued colors of the lamps.

In their form, you can go a little crazy, especially if the bedroom decor is subdued.

If you decide on patterned lamps, let’s look for such that they have elements in common with other accessories in the room, mainly textiles.

How About a Floor Lamp?

Floor lamps are also increasingly creeping into bedroom interiors.

Slender and graceful, they look beautiful in large, spacious interiors.

Sometimes they are used as auxiliary light, creating a lyrical atmosphere in the bedroom, and sometimes as reading lamps.

Few people know, however, that floor lamps can visually change proportions in the interior.

Models with a transparent diffuser that disperses the light well will make the room look bigger.

On the other hand, the variants that give the light directly to the ceiling will visually enhance the interior.

A floor lamp can be placed right next to the bed, or accompanied by an armchair and a table if there is one in the interior.

This will create a cozy corner, perfect for reading your favorite books.

If you dream of a functional model, look for a lamp with an extension arm that allows you to maneuver the light source with ease.

Halogens or LEDs?

Some people prefer point lighting in the form of halogen instead of a classic ceiling lamp.

No wonder, however – this kind of lighting can be very impressive and practical.

Thanks to halogen lamps, you can effectively illuminate all corners of the interior, such as an awesome recess in the wall, favorite painting, or space above the bed.

When deciding to purchase halogen lamps, it is worth paying attention not only to their power but also to the angle of incidence of light.

The most popular variant is 60 degrees, which makes the light relatively diffuse.

For some, halogens are associated with a very bright light that does not match the bedroom.

However, it is worth knowing that practical dimmers can also be used in the case of halogens.

Another idea for bedroom lighting is modern LED strips.

Like compact fluorescent lamps, they are energy-saving light sources with an extremely low energy consumption of 0.6W to 0.8W depending on color.

An important advantage of LED tapes is the ability to change the intensity of light, as well as their color.

This type of lighting will be particularly impressive in bedrooms with suspended ceilings or decorated with decorative strips.

Every experienced designer knows that to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom, it is worth playing with various light sources.

Therefore, you can successfully combine the benefits of hanging lamps and wall lamps, table lamps and halogen lamps, chandeliers, and LEDs.

In your bedroom, you have the chance to create a magical shadow theatre that will add energy in the morning and smooth your senses in the evening.

Bedroom Lighting – What is Worth Knowing?

Before finishing the bedroom or during the renovation, it is worth considering 2 things.

How many light sources the interior requires and where to place them so that each lamp or wall lamp has its power connection.

This will avoid an unsightly tangle of cables in the room.

It is also good to know at this stage that lighting can visually change the proportions of the interior.

If the bedroom is a small room, it is best to have lamps in the bedroom with the light facing upwards, while the high interior will reduce the light facing downwards slightly.

The Color of the Light is Also Important

Lighting in the bedroom should be above all atmospheric, discreet, and not too suddenly awakening from sleep.

For bedrooms are recommended bulbs that give a warm color of light.

The cold will tire your eyes and not let you sleep well.

There should be at least two types of light sources in the bedroom – general and supplementary lighting.

It is also worth to use lighting that will not illuminate the interior thoroughly, but only build a cozy atmosphere in the sleeping room.

What Should I Choose for General Lighting?

General lighting should evenly illuminate the entire area of the bedroom.

They should be selected primarily according to the dimensions of the interior.

Large rooms give you more freedom when it comes to choosing light sources.

In the spacious high bedroom, you can afford a spectacular chandelier, which will make the room look more attractive.

Hanging lamps can be freely chosen depending on the style of the bedroom arrangement

Nowadays lamps with lampshades of wicker, bamboo, linen fabric, steel, wires, or chandeliers with glittering crystals are popular.

In smaller interiors, it is better to use discreet plafonds or strips of spotlights, which will not overwhelm the already small space.

A good solution, in this case, will also be a suspended ceiling, with hidden lighting points that will evenly illuminate the room.

When installing general lighting in both small and large bedrooms, it’s worth thinking about using stair switches at the bedside and the entrance to the bedroom

In this way, you can turn on the light after entering and turn it off without leaving the bed.

Supplementary Lighting to the Ceiling Lamps

One lamp, however, is not enough to illuminate the bedroom well.

Additional points of light in this room should be night lights on bedside tables, or wall sconces mounted on walls.

Bedside lamps with translucent lampshades give a diffused light, cozy, relaxing, and well-tuned light to sleep.

The light that lights up at night shouldn’t wake you up completely.

For reading better at night, there will be desktop-like models that can be manually directed.

Instead of night lamps placed on cabinets or tables, you can also place an impressive floor lamp next to the bed, which will be an original decoration of the bedroom.

Floor lamps give a perfect light to read but require a larger bedroom size.

A floor lamp is a right choice if you have a reading chair in your bedroom.

In turn, wall lamps should be placed from both sides of the bed, when two people sleep in it.

They are fixed at the height of 70-80 cm above the mattress to illuminate a book or magazine well.

It is also worth remembering that the light falls down from them and thus does not hurt the eyes of a person lying in bed.

It is good to take care of sconces before finishing the interior or during the renovation to be able to hide their wires under the plaster in the wall, which is an aesthetic solution.

Wall sconces are very practical – they are usually lit before bedtime and easily switched off without leaving the bed.

An elegant solution is also lamps hanging from the ceiling on both sides of the bed.

They are perfect for a small bedroom, where there is enough space practically only for a bed.

Lighting Creating a Mood in the Bedroom

In the bedroom, you should also think about atmospheric lighting, which introduces a romantic mood into the interior and allows you to relax before going to bed comfortably.

LED strips, discreetly hidden behind the head of the bed, climatic candles, or a string of cotton balls hanging on the window, head of the bed, or mirror frame can serve as such lighting.

Atmospheric Lighting Does Not Have to be Functional.

Instead, it should be soft, decorative and give the impression of coziness in the interior.

An interesting element can be an illuminated neon sign placed e.g., on the wall.

Such decorative light, which emphasizes the selected elements of the decor, can be achieved with the popular LED tapes nowadays.

They are easy to install, durable, and can give a colorful light.

Such a solution is very elegant and modern decoration.


When planning bedroom lighting, consider where to place the individual light sources and how many should there be.

It is best to take care of a few lamps, each of which will have a different function.

The main ceiling light is required to illuminate the interior as soon as it enters evenly.

At the bedside, it is worth to take care of light points, giving a gentle light, which, when lit in the middle of the night, will not wake up completely.

Readers before bedtime will also appreciate sconces or bedside lamps, whose light will not spoil their eyes during long nighttime reading.

The romantic atmosphere during the evenings will be created by the two of you by discreetly placed inside LED strips or strings of lamps that give a soft light.

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