Chandelier With Shades Versus Light Bulbs Only

Chandelier with or without shades? This question bothers a lot of people who want to refresh the look of their apartment. Recently I was one of them, and now I’m sharing with you what I found out.

So a chandelier with or without a shade? It depends entirely on the decor of your interior and how much light you need. A good solution is a fifty-fifty option where the shade is on the chandelier, and the lightbulb is still visible.

Chandelier With a Shade

Chandelier with a shade – this term is often associated with outdated decoration, baroque splendor, and dusty library in grandmother’s house. Is that right? Not necessarily. 

Admittedly, the modern and industrial style is still gaining recognition, whose coolness and simplicity are not combined with soft fabric frames. 

On the other hand, we also like to return to the tradition of decoration on the wave of hygge philosophy and Scandinavian trends. 

These styles are particularly fitting for long, cold evenings when the cozy atmosphere in our homes is very welcome. 

Fortunately, we do not have to follow only one style of design.

Looking at the possibility of choosing the illumination in stores, we will successfully create an interesting interior tailored to our needs.

English Classics 

Chandeliers with shades are popular for decoration in the English style.

It is very elegant and traditionalistic (it comes from the British aristocracy), but at the same time cozy. 

The warm climate is made by lots of fabrics in the form of heavy curtains, carpets, pillows, or said lampshades. 

Subdued colors dominate it in opposition to colorful floral patterns and heavy, solid furniture.

In terms of lighting, the high ceilings are dominated by big chandeliers. Table lamps and floor lamps are the characteristics of English taste. 

Silk or velvet lampshades are already passé, but if you like this traditional look, try combining it with a slightly more modern texture. 

A decorative base made of glass or porcelain will be a perfect connection to this style. 

On the other hand, the subtle sparkle and finesse shape will compose perfectly with the smooth shade.

Wall sconces with pleated detail will give the interior a romantic charm. Flower patterns, pleats, and earth colors will be your allies. 

A Completely Different Look

Of course, a frame with a stretched fabric is not the only possible shade. All the better if you are a fan of the eclectic style or have a creative view of the world. 

Lampshades are now available in so many variants that the only problem is… too much choice. 

Before you decide to go for a simple, traditional lampshade or even give it up, it is worth checking all that you might like. 

Don’t you like the harshness of industrial style? Openwork lampshades with ornaments are an excellent way to complement the cozy classic.

They will give a slightly oriental and original character to any living room or bedroom. 

If you like modern design, but you would like to add an unusual look, the ideal solution is to use lampshades made of unique material, for example, concrete. 

Do you like the elegant and luxurious glamour style? I have something for you:

Original luminaires decorated with crystals, impressive cascades, and elegance. With this, you will create your dream arrangement, ideally suited to your taste. 


If you haven’t convinced yourself yet that it’s worth looking at the shades for your chandelier, you can always compromise. 

I’m talking here about luminaires that instead of classic lampshades, have such that they reveal more than they cover. 

It is a popular trend, especially in industrial or retro style. 

The visible bulb creates a raw effect, which is perfect for factory styling and spacious, lofty spaces. 

At the same time, the smooth texture of glass and its rounded shapes soften the whole composition and give the space a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere. 

Such lamps will also work well in places such as cafes and restaurants, which look great on the background of bricks or concrete.

They’re all set to shine, and their original look will enhance any style. 

Do you prefer a less noticeable but equally interesting thing? Old-fashioned metal luminaires in a rustic fashion style are often quite flattened to show a decorative bulb. 

You can only choose models inspired by the beginning of the previous century.

If you use your fantasy, you can invest in luminaires on a stylized chain, with individual decorations and elements. 

Don’t forget to choose the right bulb! Such lampshades will be the best match for large models, stylized on the basis of Edison’s first inventions. 

Of course, the transparency of the luminaire is also associated with a lot of light.

Lovers of modern elegance in interiors will surely like glass shades, showing a shiny color of the interior, a decorative bulb, or a composition of crystals. 

They look as light as soap bubbles and will look flawless in any living room or dining room, adding golden flashes on your interior during a party or regular daily rest. 

Total Exposure 

I haven’t convinced you with any shades yet? Then we’re going all in! 

Currently, modern lamps without shades are a big hit. Single bulbs on a long wire, geometric compositions, and raw, factory-made models. 

The list is long, and you are limited only by your imagination.

A very original and popular design is a spider lamp, and also, you can easily adjust them to your vision and expectations. 

Such a luminaire can have three light sources, and more impressive models have up to nine or more. Everything depends on the space you have. 

You can attach any light bulb with a cable to the ceiling in the form you want.

There are lots of colors and styles available, so I’m sure that you will find your favorite. 

The ”spiders” are perfect for rooms decorated in a loft climate, but also for other interesting, eclectic interiors, where your own style and colorful personality dominates. 

An uncovered light bulb is also a good idea in warm, cozy interiors, although it may seem different. 

We can soften its hardness by combining it with extremely delicate, very openwork, and transparent lampshades made of wire or bent wicker.

Such ”cages” covering the bulb are an original trend and a beautiful accent in every interior. 

They will easily find their way into any room, which will give them a unique atmosphere.

Modern Lighting: Ceiling Light or Chandelier? 

Modern ceiling light in no way matches their ancestors from half a century ago – chandeliers. 

The monotonous design of the ’50s has been replaced by elegant ceiling light, which provides modern interior lighting. 

In the past, ceiling light was compared primarily with typical socialist-realist design. 

However, a modern ceiling light does not have to be cheap in form and style – more and more often, it turns out that ceiling light is a richness of shapes, lines, patterns, and colors. 

What makes them more and more willing to be chosen as the main source of light? 

Plafond as an alternative to a chandelier 

The choice of the main lighting for the living room or dining room is usually between a chandelier and a ceiling light. 

Sublime elegance and high aesthetic values have so far dominated the chandeliers, but some modern ceiling light is also characterized by modern design, such as decorative crystal elements so that a ceiling light can successfully replace a large chandelier in the style of glamour. 

The close-to-ceiling ceiling light is ideal for smaller and lower rooms. Deciding on a ceiling light for the living room, we do not need to quit from the decorative lighting function. 

The choice of ceiling light is so rich that everyone will find something for themselves. 

When buying, it is worth to remember about details such as the size of the interior, its character, and the type of luminaire that has a huge impact on the propagation of light. 

Plafonds gently illuminate the surface from underneath, creating a bright glow on the ceiling, which in turn adds to the interior’s ambiance.

They also reflect light from the ceiling, providing the right main lighting, and creating a cozy atmosphere. 

Popular LEDs mounted in ceiling lights allow you to additionally get colorful colors that propagate in different directions.

This solution works perfectly with the backlit furniture, but the light beam will be much narrower in this case. 

Shapes and applications of ceiling light  

The modern ceiling light can be mounted not only on the ceiling but also on the sidewall, where they will replace the wall sconces. 

Among the current trends, it is worth to check the original models of ceiling light, which visually ” mix” with the surface of the ceiling or wall.

In such a case, the apparent invisibility of the lamp is betrayed only by the light that comes from it. 

When it comes to the shape and form of the ceiling light, there is plenty of freedom – from traditional round models, through rectangular, oval, multi-colored, or slightly more avant-garde ceiling light with a combination of geometric and floral patterns. 

Plafonds are one of the broadest and most diverse groups of lighting.

Whether you choose an extravagant design project or a minimalist ceiling light, it depends on your aesthetic preferences and the effect you want to achieve by changing the lighting arrangement. 

The advantage of ceiling light is also their flexibility in terms of adapting to different interiors without having to change the entire decor. 

Due to the flexibility of installation and convenience of use, ceiling light can be used anywhere in the home – they are popular in the kitchen, bathroom, or wardrobe. 

Among the materials most frequently used in the construction of ceiling light, it is worth noting the attractive combinations of various metals with glass or crystal. 

A modern ceiling light will not overwhelm the interior, and its unique character will add charm to the arrangement.

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