Can a Floor Lamp Light a Room?

There is many different ways to light your room. Of course, everyone has their own preference. Some people like hanging lamps while other people prefer floor lamps. Whichever one you pick, you might ask yourself if the lamp is giving enough light to provide the whole room with proper light.

Can a floor lamp light a room? Whether a floor lamp can provide enough light for an entire room depends on its size. With a large floor lamp with multiple bulbs and high wattage, it is possible. But in most cases, floor lamps are best to be used in combination with another light source.

In this article we will look into the question whether a floor lamp can light up an entire room.

Floor lamps can be a great fashion statement in each room of your house. They are real ambiance makers!

Floor lamps are available in large sizes. Therefore, they often hold multiple bulbs or they carry lamps with a high wattage.

If you own a small size floor lamps that only holds one bulb or lamps with low wattage, we would advice you to add additional light sources.

For this you could use for example ceiling spots. They are the perfect fit because they will not take away the attention from the floor lamp but will still provide you with enough light to bright up the whole room.

What is The Best Spot For a Floor Lamp?

Floor lamps are a great tool for decorating any room in your home. Because of the many different shapes, designs and sizes they are suitable for so many spots all around the house.

You do not want to put a floor lamp in the middle of your room. This would not be very functional. Fortunately there is plenty of other suitable places. Let’s discus the most useful spots.

1. In The Corner of The Room

The corner of any room is always a nice place for a floor lamp. When a floor lamp is placed on its own in a dark corner it really stands out as a piece of great design.

Unfortunately corners are too often dark and forgotten spots in a room. Placing a floor lamp in this area will make it come to live and bring out so much more of your room.

When you decide to put your floor lamp in a corner we advise you to choose large sized lamps. A small lamp might dwindle in a corner and this is something we want to prevent.

2. Next to Your Sofa or Chair

A floor lamp next to your sofa or chair is a great way to create an ambiance in the room.

For example, having a floor lamp standing right next to your favorite big chair makes for the perfect reading spot. Something that everyone should have! A place to relax and come to yourself. Enjoy a nice book with some hot chocolate on a rainy day.

When placing your lamp there is a few things to take into consideration.

First of all, the height of the lamp is important. When creating a nice reading spot in your favorite chair or couch you should place the lamps right above your eye level when you sit on it. 

Second, we would like to advise you not to use a strong bulb. Go for a light bulb that does not give out too much bright light, warm yellow light is usually the preference when create a reading spot.

3. Beside a Desk

More and more people work from home and create a workspace in their house. A nice big desk, a comfortable chair and not to forget the perfect lighting.

A floor lamp is always a good light source to add to your home office. Right next to the desk is usually the best position so it can provide you with plenty of light.

When you consider turning a room in to an office, and you have a choice, always choose the room with the most natural light. A big window will do great in an office. The fact that you can open it for fresh air but also the amount of lighting that you can get inside without turning on any lamps. It helps you focus and gives the office a natural look.

How to Brighten Up a Room?

If you happen to have a room with one light source and you feel like it is too dark for you and you would like to brighten it up, here is a few tips!

  • Use LED lights

If you haven’t already done it, change your light bulb into a LED bulb. Preferably a white led bulb, since these give of the best imitation of natural light.

  • Mirrors

Another great tip for creating brighter light, especially in small dark rooms, are mirrors. Using mirrors makes a room look bigger and also gives the light source a possibility to reflect, which automatically brightens up the room.

  • Colors

Like we mentioned before, we advise you to use white led bulbs for creating the most natural light. Another advantage, cool white light will cause your room to look a lot bigger. It gives you all the light you need, if you are afraid that it might be too bright for you, you can always use a dimmer.

What Floor Lamps Offer the Brightest Light?

Like we discussed before, there is many ways to bright up a room. There is specific light bulbs you can use and other tricks like using mirrors to reflect the light. But you might wonder what kind of floor lamp is the best to buy for optimal brightness.

1. Floor Lamps With Multiple Bulbs

There is plenty of floor lamps on the market with multiple bulbs. Obviously those offer a lot more light than floor lamps with only a single bulb. Besides the benefit of more light they are also utterly stylish.

  • Flexible floor lamps

Another kind of floor lamps that offer more light are flexible ones. The flexibility of the lamp gives you the ability to change the position of the light stream. You can turn the lamp in any direction where you might need extra lighting at a specific moment.

  • Completely illuminated floor lamps

Most floor lamps have bulbs, which only provide light from the top of the lamp. Another option to get more lighting from your lamp is to go for a completely illuminated floor lamp. One where the light doesn’t only come from the bulbs of the lamp but also from the base of the floor lamp.

What is The Advantage of a Floor Lamp Over Another Kind of Lamp?

  1. First off, they are super easy to install. Pendant lamps and other ceiling lamps usually take up a lot of work to hang them properly, floor lamps are the contrary are easy.

You simply find a nice place for them, connect, and you are done!

2. Floor lamps are incredibly versatile. They can easily be moved, very beneficial in case you tend to move things around in your living room regularly.

Imagine having a group of friends over for a card game, you obviously choose the room with the best ambience.

However, it is possible that this particular room does not provide enough light for the purpose of the night. No worries! You simply get your floor lamp from another area of the house and you guys are ready to get started!

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