What’s the Best Night Light for a Toddler?

When you have a baby, deep sleep becomes a memory. Kids scream during the day and cry during the night when they can’t sleep. We can help them fall asleep at night by buying night lights. Such lamps stop monsters from our children’s imagination and let them sleep.

So what are the best night lights for a toddler? The best are lights that look like their favorite fairy tale heroes and do not scare our kids at night and give enough light to make the child fall asleep with it and not wake up from the bright light at night.


  1. Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic
  2. Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Baby Sleep Soother – Owl
  3. The Original 4 Light Small Pink Chandelier
  4. Boley Night Light Teddy Bear – Stuffed Animal with Sky Projector
  5. Children’s Ceiling light Blue Wooden airplane light

Night Light for Children – Shopping Guide, Ranking, and Tests

There are currently many models of night lights for children in stores.

As the number of available variants is enormous, the choice of a particular product often turns out to be a real challenge. 

Therefore, we have thoroughly analyzed this market segment.

Based on the collected information, we have prepared a ranking of lights for children. While creating it, we took into account the quality and additional functions

The Underwater Turtle takes the first place on the list (click to check current price on Amazon)

It’s a lamp that children adore.

It’s all because it’s in the form of a teddy bear, so the little one doesn’t have to part with it when he goes to bed. 

This type of product will be particularly useful for those kids who are afraid of the dark and thus have trouble falling asleep. 

The presented lamp is battery-operated. It has an automatic shutdown function after a specific time. 

If this model is not available or you don’t like it ultimately, we encourage you to read the description of Skip Hop Sowa. It’s an owl-shaped lamp. 

Comparison table


Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic (click to check current price on Amazon)

  • The product has an adjustable light, which has a relaxing and calming effect.
  • The turtle lamp can also be a teddy, with which the child will sleep peacefully. 
  • It also produces soft and soothing sounds and automatically switches off after 23 minutes. 
  • The lamp is a combination of a cuddle and a bedside lamp, and it will entirely sway our baby to sleep. 
  • Unfortunately, the lamp is quite expensive in comparison with other products of this type. 
  • Also, it consumes much energy, so the batteries need frequent replacement. 

The turtle lamp offers high quality and safe materials. Therefore, despite its high price, it is a popular choice for parents. 


Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Baby Sleep Soother – Owl (click to check current price on Amazon)

  • The lamp emits a gentle, warm light to help put the child to sleep.
  • It also plays four famous lullabies and the sounds of nature that have a calming effect.
  • This model also includes a projector that displays the night sky. 
  • The owl-shaped lamp is very functional and beautifully presented in the children’s room. 
  • The built-in projector and the ability to play a melody allow you to calm and put your child to sleep effectively. 
  • This model works on electricity, but there is no charger included—the lamp only comes with a USB cable.


4 Light Small Pink Chandelier with Pink Acrylic Crystals (click to check current price on Amazon)

  • The lamp is adjustable in length so that you can use it in both low and high rooms. 
  • The lamp is made of metal, which makes it very durable. 
  • This hanging chandelier is suitable for four light bulbs. You can use the ones included in the set. If you prefer brighter light, you can buy them yourself.
  • Besides, the whole thing is pretty heavy, which can make installation difficult. 
  • Despite its large size, the lamp looks beautiful in the girl’s room. 

Shopping guide – What night-light for children to buy? 

Research shows that sleeping in total darkness is best for us. Still, every parent knows that it is often impossible with children. 

Kids are afraid of the dark, so the lamp is the base but it cannot be an ordinary model that we put on the floor or desk and emit much light. 

You need small lamps that light up the room lightly while keeping your child comfortable.

Besides, it’s about the safety of the little one when he gets up at night and wants to go to the bathroom. 

Of course, it can turn on the light in the room, but such a sudden light will blind any sleepy person. Twilight is best. 

But the question is, – how to choose the right product?

In this guide, we will try to answer this question by telling you which bedside lamp for children to pick.

It is not only about functionality, but also about design to make the lamp a beautiful decoration of a child’s room. 

Types of night lamps for kids

On the market, you will find various proposals for the little ones. 

The most popular solutions are contact lights, traditional models for a table or a cupboard standing by the bed, as well as ceiling or wall projectors, which are becoming increasingly popular. 

An exciting idea may also be the recently popular cotton ball lamps, which are a beautiful interior decoration. 

Traditional bedside nightlamps 

Of course, you can buy an ordinary lamp, but this will work for your child at a later stage of development. 

If you want to create a cozy place to sleep for your kid, and make her dreams come true, choose one of the models in an imaginative shape. 

It could be the shape of the moon, a star, or maybe the favorite superhero of your child.

For newborns, it doesn’t matter much, but if you want to warm up the interior, shapes like the moon, sun, cloud, or star are best. 

As children grow up, they acquire more specific interests, so it is worth taking them into account when choosing a lamp. 

There are many exciting proposals on the market, so you will easily find something suitable for your child. 

What is the best traditional bedside lamp for children? 

Always pay attention to the power of light – it must not be too intense.

It is also essential that the lamp is easy to use, especially when it is standing right next to the crib, and the baby is big enough to turn it on. 

If you’re looking for a model for your newborns’ room, choose one that has a switch in a convenient place for you. 

Do not choose a glass product – during the day; your child may accidentally break it while playing. 

It is best to choose one of high quality, made of non-heating plastic.

Contact lights 

If your child doesn’t like to sleep in the dark, wakes up at night and cries because you turned off the lights or just gets up at night to the bathroom, it’s worth choosing a contact light. 

It is an efficient solution as it emits little light to ensure that the child can see in the dark, but at the same time, it does not strike at the eyes. 

Multi-color lamps are available on the market in various shapes, so not only do they illuminate the interior, but they also create its decoration. 

At the same time, the child will not be able to break such a lamp while playing. 

If your toddler is curious, it is better to choose a contact light that does not have attractive shape. This way, your child will not want to take it out of the socket. 

When it comes to the color of light, red and orange work best in bedrooms, but you will also find models that change color from time to time. 

If you choose this solution, choose a product with a built-in dusk sensor. 

It will turn off the light when the room gets bright. 

If you have outdoor blinds at home, unfortunately, they won’t turn off by themselves if you don’t pick them up. 

Unfortunately, some equipment is so sensitive that it turns on with a minimal change in brightness, even though there is no need to do so. 

Here comes the question of the switch. 

It is worth to choose a model that has not only a sensor but also a button to disconnect the power supply.

This extra option is particularly useful in winter, but also in rooms that are dark at any time of year. 

Projectors or stickers 

Another exciting proposal is projectors or stickers that shine in the dark. 

For the stickers, there must be enough light in the room during day time so that they get exposed to daylight. 

The projector, on the other hand, is a solution that works independently of the exposure to the light.

You can place it anywhere, for example, on top of a closet that is not accessible to your child.

The lamp emits light by displaying different shapes on the wall or ceiling. 

Famous cotton ball lamps

Recently, cotton ball products have become very popular. 

Small balls with lamps inside are an exciting decoration of rooms, including children’s rooms. 

If you like glowing Christmas lights, this is their year-round alternative, and it will be perfect for your little one’s room. 

Night lights for children at reasonable prices 

In the offer, for example, on Amazon, you will find interesting proposals for lighting for children. 

Always put functionality, safety, and energy efficiency first, but do not forget the needs of your child. 

The five best night lights for children. 

Nowadays, the market is full of products aimed only at small customers. 

Choosing a bedside lamp is not a simple choice, even though it is. 

What night light should I choose for my child? Below is a ranking in which the bedside lamp plays a leading role. 

I’m sure it will allow you to make the right choice.

1. Cloud B Night Light Turtle  

Click to check current price on Amazon

This inconspicuous turtle is the perfect combination of a cuddle and a night light. 

It will introduce your child to the world of dreams. 

The calming light coming out of the turtle shell is adjustable. 

Blue colors will soothe the nerves of a toddler and turn peace into an underwater world. 

The light is very relaxing and non-invasive so that the light can appear in the child’s room from birth. 

The magical turtle puts the little one to sleep, making gentle and soothing sounds. 

We can choose between two melodies.

The lamp has a handy automatic shutdown function after 23 minutes. 

Three AAA batteries power the lamp.

The turtle lamp offers the highest quality materials. 

For years Cloud B company has been designing beautiful and original products that help toddlers to sleep peacefully. 

A book on endangered species of different animals was attached to the set. 

People who bought the lamp are delighted with it. 

Many say it’s the best night light for a child. 

Despite not the lowest price, the lamp is trendy. 

Cloud B Underwater Turtle is a night lamp that looks like a turtle. 

This model is designed for children from the first moments of life. 


  • The product has the option of playing a melody in addition to the light function. 
  • Both children and adults like it very much. 
  • Calm songs help your child to calm down before bedtime. 
  • Automatic switch-off: The lamp switches off automatically after 23 minutes. 
  • The shut-down function is perfect because we don’t have to remember to turn off the lamp when our child falls asleep. 
  • Adjustable brightness: You can adjust the brightness level to suit your current needs.
  • Pleasant to the touch: The lamp is placed on a plush teddy, which not only makes it enjoyable to the touch but also allows you to take it to bed. 
  • This way, our child will not be afraid of the darkness when he falls asleep. 
  • Easy to carry: As the product is in the form of a teddy, it is effortless to carry. 
  • We can take a lamp with us, for example, on a journey.

2. Skip Hop Projector with Lamp and Owl 186000

Click to check current price on Amazon

If you are interested in buying a bedside lamp with a beautiful design, we recommend the Skip Hop Sowa model to your attention.

This lamp looks like an owl. 

It has a grey color, so it will fit almost every room. 

The presented lamp, apart from its primary task, i.e. lighting, also functions as a projector and music box

You can choose from several well-known children’s melodies, as well as sounds of nature, which allow the baby to calm down quickly. 

You can choose between several modes of operation. In essence, you can play a melody for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or you can opt for continuous operation. 

As parents who decided to buy this lamp assure, it is an excellent investment. 

By buying one product, we gain new equipment that will make it easier for our child to fall asleep and, if necessary, provide him/her with entertainment. 

Among the advantages of the lamp, consumers mention its robust design and smooth operation. 

Skip Hop Owl is an owl-shaped lamp. 

The product is chargeable with a USB cable. 


  • Programming time: The presented lamp also has several built-in melodies. 
  • Their playback can be put according to our needs – for 15, 30, 60 minutes.
  • There is also a choice of continuous operation. 
  • Additional decoration: The product has the shape of an owl, so it is an excellent idea for decorating a toddler’s room. 
  • As parents assure, the lamp gives the interior a pleasant character. 
  • Easy to adjust settings: The user can change light output or projector settings, making the equipment more functional. 
  • As consumers assure us, operating the model is not difficult. 
  • Sounds of nature: You can set up the playing of nature sounds when you put your baby to sleep. 
  • It’s a great way to calm your baby down. 


  • Buttons: Some parents have noticed that the pictures on the buttons, suggesting what a switch is used for, wear off relatively quickly.

This makes it a little difficult to operate the equipment later on. 

3. Philips Massive Princess Children’s Lamp Hanging 

Click to check current price on Amazon

Massive Princess is a hanging chandelier that you can hang in a girl’s room. 

This ceiling hanging lamp will serve your daughter for years. 

The subtle pink color and elegant design, referring to the great princess’s palace, make that the lamp can hang in your daughters’ room for different stages of her life.

Its versatility is a huge asset. 

The height of the lamp reaches a maximum of 1200 mm. Which means it will work correctly in any room. 

Its adjustment makes it suitable for both high and low ceiling apartments. 

The lamp structure is made of metal. 

The lamp is suitable for three bulbs. 

The maximum power of the lamp is 40 W.  

The device is solidly constructed. 

The opinions on this model are outstanding. 

The lamp looks great in a girl’s room, meeting all visual expectations. 

Every girl will feel like a little princess. 

According to the user’s opinion, the lamp is easy to clean and maintain. 

Massive Princess is a chandelier designed for the children’s room.

The length of the product is approx—47 cm. 

The lamp has three light sources. 


  • Quality of craft: The lamp is made of good quality materials. 
  • The materials used in the production of the material show high resistance to damage. 
  • Also, the care of the product is not difficult. 
  • Design: This model is very popular with children. 
  • It’s mainly to the girls liking.
  • The crystals hanging on the lamp reflected in the light, which looks very impressive.
  • Easy installation: Consumers who bought this product ensure that it is easy to install and does not take too much time. 
  • Energy-efficient: This lamp does not consume much energy, which has a positive impact not only on the bills but also on our environment. 


  • Brightness: A group of users noticed that the amount of light emitted should be slightly higher. 
  • The lamp will not illuminate a large room well. 

4. Chicco Teddy Bear with Blue Projector 

Click to check current price on Amazon

Chicco Teddy Bear with Blue Projector is a toy with which a child can forget the problem of falling asleep. 

But Teddy’s not just a hugger. 

It’s designed to help your little one fall asleep. 

The model is small. It is about 27 cm high. 

Many people recommend it as a gift for a child. 

Teddy has a couple of lullabies in place, which will effectively put every little one to sleep. 

The melodies are very calm. You can choose a song that seems most beautiful. 

The music can be muted or subdued as needed. 

Besides, the toy is equipped with a projector that displays the patterns on the wall. 

Parents like the fact that they are not monotonous to have different colors. 

The toy is pleasant to touch. In the daytime, the little one can play with it like a cuddle. 

The teddy bear is durable and will undoubtedly help the little one to sleep at night.

There are three batteries included, but after they are exhausted, you have to buy new ones. 

The operation of the teddy bear is not complicated. It is equipped with several well-marked buttons. 

Chicco Teddy Bear with a blue projector is a toy powered by three batteries. 

It’s dimensions: 30 cm x 36. 5 cm x 14 cm. 


  • Helping children fall asleep: Teddy has been proven to help children fall asleep. 
  • The quiet, calm music and lovely patterns displayed on the wall will calm the little one down and give him a good sleep.
  • Easy to use: There are well-marked buttons on the teddy bear’s foot that indicate where to turn on projections and music. There is also a button to turn the sounds up and down. 
  • Look: Teddy looks very lovely, the little one will certainly want to play with the bought toy.


  • Teddy bear’s mossing defects: Parents noticed that after some time, teddy bears get messy. So it may lose its aesthetic qualities. 
  • Quite quickly running out of batteries: The batteries installed in the teddy bear are quite weak. 
  • After a few weeks, the projector may not work. That means you have to buy new batteries. 

5. Massive Avigo Children’s lamp Plafon  

Click to check current price on Amazon

Beautiful hanging children’s lamp that will correctly add variety to a little boy’s room. 

The lamp is so versatile that it can decorate a room for a long time: from infancy to adolescence. 

The lamp was manufactured by a well-known company Philips. 

It has three light sources. 

It does not give much light, but it is sufficient for a medium-sized room. 

This model is a beautiful decorative element. 

Around the glowing sphere, there are blue, yellow, and red models of airplanes hanging. 

Design, despite its simplicity, arouses the interest of every child. 

Gentle airplanes move under the influence of air movement.

The product is made of good quality materials, which makes it durable and robust. 

Users rate this product very highly. 

Pure craft, captivating with simplicity and elegance. 

The lamp is undoubtedly a beautiful accent in the room of a little boy. It is especially suitable for a boy who is fascinated by planes and who dreams of becoming a pilot in the future. 

Massive Avigo Plafon is a hanging night lamp for children. 

Its exact dimensions are: depth – 43 cm, height – 43 cm and length – 40 cm.

A 40-watt bulb will be suitable for the product. 


  • Hanging plane: Colourful plane that looks very impressive is hanging from the lamp.
  • These elements are very appealing to children and attract their attention. 
  • Robust craft: As consumers ensure, the materials used (wood and glass) are durable, which makes the product look like new for a long time. 


  • For boys only: Some consumers believe that a lamp with such decorations will only be suitable for boys’; rooms. 
  • Visible dust: Some people have noticed that there is a rapid view of the dust on this model. 
  • It is especially visible on wooden planes. 
  • Therefore, we need to clean the product more often. 

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