Are Floor Lamps out of Style?

When I was recently buying a new floor lamp, I wondered if they’re out of style. So, I did some research to find out.

So are they out of style? The most to-the-point answer to this question would be it depends entirely upon your choice. A floor lamp would enhance the appeal of your home’s interior only if you pick one that complements other features of your abode.

We have put this article together for all those homeowners who are wondering if floor lamps are out of style. The discussion below will help you buy the lamp that will look stylish.

Questions to answer before buying a floor lamp

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1. Are you looking to have a floor lamp primarily to add some weight to your interiors?

An eye-catching floor lamp might be the most prominent feature of a room or can just be a subtle addition to a given space. You can pick one that would add character, color, and height to the room or go for a unit that would blend into your room’s fittings and furnishings.

To put it bluntly, when shopping for this fixture, you will have to decide whether you want people visiting your home to say OMG, how did you manage to get such an amazing lamp? Or need something that would only light up your space but never stand out.

The size of your room would be the main factor deciding whether having a statement floor lamp should be the way to go for you. For instance, you can definitely pick a tripod lamp if there’s a spacious empty corner in your room. However, such pieces are not meant for smaller rooms where floor space is extremely valuable.

2. How will the lamp match your room’s scale?

You must know your room’s scale before you go out to shop. You should have your focus, particularly on the floor-to-ceiling height. A tall lamp would never look stylish in rooms with a very low ceiling. Similarly, shorter lamps would never be a good choice for rooms with too much overhead space.

So, before you make your choice, don’t forget to find out your room’s floor-to-ceiling height. This will allow you to understand how tall the lamp should be.

3. What type of light do you want your room to have?

Floor lamps are used both for ambient lighting and task lighting. You will have to know your priority for picking the most suitable one for your room. If you are looking to place it beside an armchair or sofa for providing reading light, you will have to make sure that the bottom of the lampshade is at around your eye level when you are sitting. Ideally, the distance between the topmost point of such a reading lamp and the floor must be close to 60 inches.

You must also pick a suitable shade depending on the role you want the lamp to play. If the lamp is meant to provide ambient lighting, the shade should be semi-translucent. If it’s meant for highlighting a ceiling or wall feature, its shade should ideally be opaque.

4. Will it complement the design and decor of your room?

are floor lamps safe

You will find different types of floor lamp bases on the market. In fact, a new type is getting introduced almost every passing day thanks to the flourishing online shopping platforms.

You will get bases crafted out of marble, wood, brass, and a range of other materials. They are also available in every possible color we may think of. You will be spoilt for options even when it comes to the material used for making the shades. Shades are made using everything from brightly colored and patterned silk fabric to understated linens.

With so many options available for you to choose from, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get a piece matching your room’s style, decor, and period aptly.

Interior designers often use these for extracting positive features from negative spaces. For instance, you can place them in areas such as a vacant bay window or the empty space between a sofa and the wall. The light emitted by the lamp would add character and depth to space and make the room look livelier than before. For enjoying soft, diffuse lighting and creating a warm glow, you should ideally go for a semi-translucent lampshade.

5. Do you want to layer light using multiple lamps?

Experts often say that in the case of living rooms it’s always a good idea to layer light using multiple lamps instead of relying just on one overhead source. If you have numerous lights of various sizes in your living room, you will have the liberty of using diverse combinations for diverse situations and moods. In fact, layering lights can make your living area look extremely trendy.

When layering, it’s not mandatory to pick matching pieces. Your room will look great if you can find craftily mismatched styles and shades; such combinations would add character to your room.

Last, but definitely not the least, remember that you can stick to this formula only if your living room is big enough to allow that.

Floor lamp styles available on the market

If you are still wondering if floor lamps are in style, you will have to read through the section below. It would inform you about various styles available on the market and help you to understand that these fixtures can never go out of style. To put in otherwise, there’s a style available for every single home decor type.

Mid-century modern: It’s true that these units are still loved by homeowners around the globe. However, their use began way back during the mid-20th century. Some of the most prominent features of mid-century modern floor lamps include an orderly look, clean lines, a preference for both form and function, etc.

Scandinavian: If you feel that Scandinavians can do little besides running a furniture chain like IKEA that sells regular designs for discounted prices, you are wrong. Scandinavian or Nordic style is much more than that. Like mid-century modern floor lamps, Scandinavian units are also characterized by their clean lines and minimalism.

Mission shaker: This type became popular during the early 19th century and is still ruling the market. Two highlights of this style include clean lines and geometric shapes.

Country: The exact look of country lamps would depend on your location or the area you are shopping in. However, there are certain factors that link different country styles. These include soft, muted colors, rustic feel, worn-out and vintage appearance, etc.

Tiffany: The name of this style has been derived from the name of its creator Louis Comfort Tiffany. Lamps belonging to this style are marked by elaborately stained glasses.

The original Tiffany floor lamps are extremely expensive. The cheapest units would cost several thousand dollars, while the costliest pieces can be priced at several million dollars. So, it’s obvious that very few of the regular buyers would opt for original Tiffany units. For them, the market has Tiffany style lamps. These copies come with attractive glass shades and are much lower in price.

Industrial: The biggest highlight of industrial floor lamps is their rough-hewn appearance. These units are usually made using unfinished wood or cast iron and come equipped with regular Edison bulbs.

Contemporary: Contemporary should be considered as an umbrella term when it comes to furniture and other items of home decor. It is often used for describing styles belonging to the period between the second half of the 1900s and the current era. So, it’s obvious that you will come across umpteen number of options when looking for lamps of contemporary style. The most prominent feature of this style is simplistic design. These units mostly feature clean lines and come in neutral colors.

Bohemian: This style is loved by people who are fans of bright colors, texture, and patterns. You should go for a bohemian style if you want your home to possess a jumbled and eclectic feel. Avoid the style if you are looking to adorn a small space; boho style makes small spaces look clumsy.

Consider the material used for making the lamp

The overall look and style would depend largely on the material used for crafting it. Here are some of the most widely used options:

Wood: Depending on the way wood is carved or shaped the wooden units can be used both for creating a rustic, country vibe and a trendy, contemporary vibe. Rough-hewn pieces of wood are mostly used for making lamps suitable for rustic/country decor schemes. Carved and sanded wood, on the other hand, are used for crafting lamps of contemporary or mid-century modern style.

Stone: As making an entire lamp base using stone can make the unit extremely heavy, the material is typically used for crafting only a portion of the base. The use of stone also increases the price significantly. The other material used is usually less expensive and lighter in weight.

Metal: Go for a tall and arching unit crafted out of shiny chrome if you want to grab the attention of visitors. On the other hand, if you want the lamp to be a subtle addition to your room, pick a simplistic metal pole lamp

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